How To End The Covid Crisis

OK, we’ve been looking and listening, talking and posting about the illogics, nay, down right insanity, of many of the government actions for close to two years yet they continue.

For some time I have been asking myself the question, “What is it going to take to handle it?”

This week another big piece of the solution dropped in my lap. Now it is time to stop talking about the illogics and tyranny and fully handle the situation.

Trying to talk to the government has not worked.

Showing them statistics and unbiased science has not worked.

They appear to be hell bent on a course or destruction.

Well, what WILL work?

There is a basic law (not learned enough by politicians) that you cannot govern without the agreement of the population. As the recent demonstrations have shown, more and more people are not in agreement with the government. We need to support and expand the non-agreement with tyranny.

How do we do that? How do we speed the tipping point when the majority reclaim our freedom?

If you see flaws or omissions in this please let me know but otherwise I am asking for your assistance to spread this solution far and wide. We need this to end!

Step 1. Give the majority a certainty that Covid is not the boogey man it is made out to be, that it has a simple, cheap and effective solution to it that does not involve masks, lockdowns, coercion, force, vaccines or vaccine passports. If enough people act on it, this and the next step will do that.

Read this:

Step 2. Share it massively. That will totally wipe out any rational justification for masks, lockdowns and vaccines and vastly increase the unwillingness of the general population to be controlled by such.

Step 3. Focus people’s attention on a bigger threat, that of the NWO plan for a Great Reset and all that entails in terms of loss of liberty and property leading to total slave state:

Step 4. But many have already been harmed and much more harm may be done as this remedy will not happen instantly, hence my recommendation to personally do what you can of the tips in

Step 5. Education alone will not solve it. We also need to prevent injustice by those on power and bring to justice those who have engineered this pandemic for their own gain. That is handled by restoring Common Law Trial by Jury.
Get behind any effort to restore Common Law Trial By Jury. This will enable annulment of tyrannical mandates and laws. It will also facilitate successful prosecution of those who told lies and intentionally harmed many for personal gain or profit.

The means to wrest back control from the destructive Power Elite was given us in Magna Carta in the year 1215 but has been slowly eroded by those who wish to take that right from us and keep the power to themselves. They were ably abetted by our general lack of understanding of the pivotal role it has in ensuring our freedom from tyranny. It is Common Law Trial by Jury.

A judge cannot overturn oppressive legislation by finding the accused not guilty if the law is unjust, only a jury has that right. The judiciary, appointed and paid by the government, serve their masters and have all but wiped out trial by jury.

When a jury of twelve of one’s peers can judge the justness of the law as well as whether or not the person ‘did the deed’ it matters not what tyranny is passed in the legislature if those tyrannical laws can be nullified in the court room.

To restore justice and prevent tyranny, we need to restore trial by jury. Here is a flyer on it:

Step 6. As much as possible, help to detox those who have been vaccine damaged.

From the various sources I have seen recently I have done my best to compile a Jab Recovery Protocol to aid those wanting to recover from covid vaccine harm: