Follow THIS diet to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease

Healthy Food Plate

For years, natural health experts and knowledgeable physicians and nutritionists have advised the Mediterranean diet for its heart-healthy, life-prolonging effects. High in healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and fish and low in saturated fats, sugar, and red meat, the benefits of this way of eating are backed by an accumulating body of international scientific evidence. Now, a pair of new studies from German and Spanish researchers unveil the connections between the Mediterranean diet and chronic disease risks.

My body has an immune system.

It is not a failed experiment.

I acknowledge that if I abuse my body, malnourish or poison it, then my immune system will not work as well.

So I exercise it, I properly nourish it, I ingest and expose it to as few toxins as possible.

When I look at all the harm done by man in his conceit that he can improve on the original design, I’ll stick with my original design and forgo the genetic modifications on offer thank you.

Biophilia vs. Coronavirus

Walker In Forest

Experts disagree about most things in life. Experts are paid to be cautious, pessimistic and risk-averse. On the subject of Coronavirus, there are experts predicting massive sickness and death. Still, the vast majority of Americans are healthy, and there are plenty of experts with evidence of the natural world’s power to combat sickness and disease. One such expert is Clemens G. Arvay. In his recent book The Biophilia Effect, Arvay cites many such experts, whose research suggests an entirely different approach to protecting ourselves from illnesses, both physical and mental.

One such expert is Professor Roger Ulrich, who proved in 1984 that simply viewing greenery and trees through a hospital window reduced post-operative complications and reduced the need for painkillers. Contact with plants is healthy and restorative. Plants around us can heal without having to be processed into salves, teas, extracts or tablets. Exactly, scientifically how they do this is the subject of Arvay’s book, and his message couldn’t be more timely right now.

Biophilia vs. Coronavirus

Albert Einstein Quote on Imagination

Albert Einstein Quote on Imagination

“I am enough of the artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

If one of the greatest scientific minds of last century holds imagination in such high esteem, it shows you how much we should validate it generally and in artists specifically!

In my humble opinion, the ability to create is probably second in man’s achievements only bested by his ability to help.

If, individually and as a society, we focused a lot more attention on those two things, helping and creating, the happiness of the individual members and the survival potential of the individual and this society would be immeasurably boosted.

WHO Paid for What?!

A snippet from the video available from

Dustin Moskovitz, one of the co-founders of Facebook, set up The Open Philanthropy program which has a private equity business that invested in Sherlock Biosciences the largest CRISPR gene editing platform that has not ever been able to successfully get anything through the FDA until they wrote the cheque for Event 201.

While the masthead of Event 201 listed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The WEF and John Hopkins University, NONE OF THOSE THREE ORGANISATIONS PAID ONE CENT for that alleged sponsorship!

One hundred percent of the money came from Open Philanthropy.

One hundred percent of that money came from Facebook!

The Jab Will Not

The Jab Will Not

It is not a vaccine, by definition. It neither confers immunity nor stops transmission, by the maker’s own words. According to this latest from the manufacturer, it does not even reduce the severity of symptoms.

According to a panel of 5 highly qualified medical professionals,, this jab is a bioweapon that has 20 documented ways of harming human systems. Please do your homework before supporting this bioweapon an any way, shape or form!

The more who take it, the more will die from it. That is already documented by the various government’s own statistics. Nearly 5,000 in the US (VAERS) and pushing 10,000 in Europe.