Spain Prosecutes Top Central Bankers For Crimes Against The People

Spain’s top central bankers have been hauled into court and are facing jail sentences after being charged with a lengthy rap sheet of criminal offenses against the people of their country.
Spanish authorities allege the central bankers encouraged the Spanish people to buy shares in a new bank they knew was guaranteed to fail – but which they also knew would be bailed out by the government and taxpayers.

Pablo Escobar’s Son: “Dad Worked For The CIA Selling Cocaine” – Media Blackout

Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, son of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, claims that his father “worked for the CIA, selling cocaine.”
In an astonishing new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Juan Escobar, who goes by the pseudonym Juan Sebastián Marroquín, explains that the CIA recruited his father in selling cocaine in order to eradicate Communism in Central America.

Liz Ellis Told A Great Joke Which Said Everything About Women's Sport Now

Liz Ellis Told A Great Joke Which Said Everything About Women’s Sport Now
You remember Liz Ellis, right? She’s the former Australian netball captain who has also been top TV talent on various shows over the years, and is a great speaker and terrific role model. Who doesn’t love Liz Ellis?
So Liz — because seriously, who else? — was the MC at the Wednesday launch of the new Suncorp Super Netball league, which is the rebranded version of whatever the old netball league was called.
As Liz was introducing the team captains, she shared a story. You’ll love this. Over to you, Liz.
“There’s a bit of talk at the moment about how women’s sport is an overnight success and I don’t mind that. It really came home to me during the Olympics last year.
I was lying in bed with my five-year-old daughter and we were watching the television flicking between the Opals (basketballers), the Matildas (soccer) and the Pearls (our gold medal-winning women’s rugby team) and we were watching all these women going around playing team sports and my little girl turned to me and she said:
‘Mummy, why don’t boys play sport?’
And I said ‘My darling that’s because they’re ironing’.”
At which point everyone laughed. But Ellis’s daughter Evelyn wasn’t done yet on that August evening in front of the Olympics.
“A few minutes later she said, “Mummy, what’s ironing?” and I thought, “My work here is done.”