Flu Shot? Not Me Thanks!

This sounds extremely similar to what the scientists were saying back in 1976 when they knew the swine flu vaccine would cause neurological disorders but promoted it anyway.
“The consensus of the scientific community was that the evidence relating neurological disorders to influenza immunization was such that they did not feel that this association was a real one.”
Here’s a 60 Minutes clip exposing the fraud (back when news was real and not fiction).

Show the public your British Citizenship renunciation form, proving you were not elected to our Parliament illegally.

Section 44 of the Australian Constitution forbids anyone holding dual citizenship from being elected to Parliament. Tony Abbott’s refusal (under FOI request) to provide his Form RN renouncing his British citizenship before being elected (26 March 1994), raises serious questions about his legality as a Member of Parliament. Openness and transparency are vital and we don’t need or want, and cannot tolerate an MP (far less a Prime Minister) in breach of the founding laws of our country – the only set of laws of Australia that cannot be changed by the Government of the day
https://www.change.org/p/tony-abbott-show-us-your-papers-renouncing-your-british-citizenship-before-you-were-electedTony Abbott Dual Citizen?

Australia: No Vaccine No Benefits, Why Forced Vaccination Is A War Crime!

The vaccine issue is hotting up like never before as Australia announces that any parents drawing a government benefit must have their children vaccinated if they want to continue receiving it. This means effectively that you can either have a bio-weapon pumped into your children’s veins, or watch them starve to death, not only is this a pseudo forced vaccination, but any forced medication is a violation of the Nuremberg code requiring informed consent, this makes it a war crime!

Even The CDC Don't Deny Vaccines Cause Autism

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has posted a recorded phone call she just had with Dr. Frank DeStefano, the CDC Director of Immunization Safety. Dr. DeStefano was a co-author with CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson on a 2004 study that originally was put forward as research showing there was no link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Thompson has come forward and revealed that data was withheld from the public that showed an increased risk of autism in certain populations, specifically African American boys. The CDC has already made a public announcement admitting that they did withhold some data.
http://edgytruth.com/2015/05/26/cdc-director-of-immunization-admits-bias-autism-data-hiding/Six Thousand Percent Increase