Italy Demographic Collapse

Italy Demographic Collapse

Elon Musk writes on X:
Only 379,000 births in Italy for 2023, the lowest annual figure since the country’s unification in 1861.

PLC comments:
What is happening on Earth right now is probably the most interesting thing that has ever happened in the cosmos: a species grew to stand astride the planet like a colossus and then simply chose to stop reproducing.

We are sleepwalking into extinction.

(Tom: The sleepwalking is but one aspect of it. The COVID jab genocide of the living also plays a large role.)

Moon Landing Data

I have seen more than a few posts questioning the moon landing. Here are three bits of data you may or may not find interesting.


How do we know that we went to the Moon?


A post by Paul Durkin,

This raises its head periodically. I have done great amounts of research into this subject.

Dr Steven Greer – MD, is perhaps one of the greatest ufologists because he deals in facts.

His uncle was a senior engineer who helped design & build the Apollo 11 lunar landing module.

Young Steven often overheard discussions between his father & uncle during family bbqs, etc…

It appears from these discussions, that there was much concerning the Apollo 11 mission that was undisclosed to the public.

Steven went on to make a lifetime career investigating all matters concerning UFOs & extraterrestrials.

He tells a story of visiting Neil Armstrong at Armstrong’s private home. This interview occurred many years after the Apollo 11 mission when Armstrong was getting on in years & had become somewhat of a hermit.

Greer claims what struck him as most unusual was that Armstrong’s home had absolutely no memorabilia, photographs or the slightest acknowledgement that he was ever an astronaut or was, indeed, the first man to have stepped foot on the moon.

Greer found out that NASA & the USA government had lied alright – but the lie wasn’t about the landing but more to do with exactly what they had discovered once there.

Armstrong apparently took his ‘enforced’ secrets with him but he was so upset & disgusted about having to remain mute that he preferred not to acknowledge having ever been a part in the cover up.

Now interestingly, there are many facts which point to the landing having occurred:
1) too difficult to have the thousands of people involved from all over the planet keep such a secret for so long.

2) the space race between the USSR & USA – if it had been a scam, the Russians would have found out about it & squealed from the rooftops!

3) lunar surface rock samples taken during the lunar landing were identical to those retrieved by the Russians. Apparently, the atmosphere on the moon causes a particular element to occur in the lunar rock which does not exist on earth. The Russians confirmed the rock samples taken by each respective country did, in fact, match.

4) current technology in imaging has revealed thousands of instances where photographs released into the public domain had been doctored to conceal ‘things’ the US government determined as not in the national interest to release.


Data from Nick Johnston

I agree, Doctor Steven Greener seems to be the most informed and has had access to the most informed high level people on the subject. His info is around 90% correct from what I can gather.

I painted the house of a guy in Canberra that ran a lot of monitoring and communications equipment here in Canberra during the landings. Canberra Australia had a big part in the whole operation due to pointing in the right direction half the day. He had to manually move around equipment on the moon with radio frequencies as background radio waves were enough to interfere and move the equipment- it was that sensitive.

He did have all the memorabilia on his walls because it was the biggest thing he ever did in his life. Of course he wasn’t privy to the UFO stuff as that was classified and all that took place on a classified radio channel.

Also they left little radar dishes on the surface which you can bounce lasers off and receive back on earth.

Drink Your Greens

Drink Your Greens

I know of no clinical trials that prove this but both Max Gerson and Rudolf Breuss were able to attain a remission in cancer patients using vegetable juices so there may be something in this.