Fury as royal chemist Ainsworths backs anti-vaxxers by selling book with ‘dangerous’ alternative remedy for measles


The Queen’s chemist has been condemned as ‘dangerous and irresponsible’ for claiming homeopathic remedies can provide a ‘complete alternative to vaccination’.

Ainsworths, which has two royal warrants, prints and sells a book for new mothers which claims homeopathy ‘will strengthen the child’s immune system more ably than any vaccine’.

The 114-page guide, which has the coat of arms for the Queen and the Prince of Wales printed on its cover, also claims that vaccine-preventable infectious diseases including mumps and measles can be treated homoeopathically.




A shaman was asked:

What is poison?
– Anything beyond what we need is poison.
It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, vanity, fear, anger, or whatever.

What is fear?
– Non-acceptance of uncertainty.
If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

What is envy?
– Non-acceptance of good in the other.
If we accept good, it becomes inspiration.

What is anger?
– Non-acceptance of what is beyond our control.
If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

What is hate?
– Non-acceptance of people as they are.
If we accept unconditionally, it becomes love.

REGARDING:- The Health of our Nation and our Future Direction.

Dear Staff @ AFP
Please find attached an email sent to Minister Hunt.    
It includes a research study of over 400,000 American children for vaccinated verses unvaccinated newborns showing well over 700% increase in Autism for the vaccinated children.   A recent FIO send to Minister Hunt for research papers showing vaccines do not cause Autism came up with nil research papers submitted to the solicitor who send in the FOI, even though the government fact sheet says there are many studies that prove their point that vaccines do not cause Autism.    Some of the points on the government fact sheet have been debunked in a British court, leaving the government and Minister Hunt with scant evidence to back up their lie that vaccines do not cause Autism. 
The response Mr Hunts staffer Mr Matthew Boyley First Assistant Secretary, Office of Health Protection has sent in reply to the attached email is full of lies and sweeping statements.  He provided no evidence what so ever to back up his lies, and I am calling for his immediate resignation.  His reply provides clear evidence he is not able to read a basic research paper, and that he is not fit to hold the the Office of Health Protection for the public.  I will forward his reply in due course.
I would like to speak more with you about this matter and you can phone me on 0431 977 874.

Please be aware that during the time i worked for the Federal Government educating doctors about vaccines i was never provided with a single research paper to back up the government claims.
This email was also copied to your staff member Andrew Lockyer, at the time it was sent, however he never received the email 
Kind Regards,
Therese Cameron RN CDE

From: therese cameron <therese.cam@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, 15 September 2019 10:47 PM
To: Greg Hunt <greg.hunt.mp@aph.gov.au>
Cc: Graeme Little <glittle@fightpharmacorruption.com>; nicole.green@aph.gov.au <nicole.green@aph.gov.au>
Subject: REGARDING:- The Health of our Nation and our Future Direction.  

Dear Minister Hunt,

REGARDING:- The Health of our Nation and our Future Direction. 

Please confirm receipt of this email.    Please find attached multiple published research papers about vaccines and autism and high rates of increased mortality after vaccine adminstration.

Andrew Wakefield (pictured with President Trump) is a UK trained Gastroenterologist.  It was his research that sparked the debate in the U.K. about Autism and the MMR vaccine.   If you listen tothe Youtube Video “The Most Important Interview of our Time” you will hear about the blatant lies and vilification directed toward him by Murdoch staff member Brian Deer, who’s boss James Murdoch has been an Executive Director Vaccine manufacturing company Glaxo Smith Kline.   Wakefield lost his medical licence in Britain, even though no medical person every put in a complain about him

Wakefield’s research has now been cleared by a British Court, thus providing proof that the MMR vaccine/Crohn’s and Autism are indeed linked.   Whatever we think about President Trump, he is hardly likely to allow himself to be photographed with the man who has worked to expose that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism, unless President Trump has good clinical evidence that this is the case.  

“For the Record Hannah Poling has Autism”

 (source: Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 21, No. 2 170 – 172 (2006)

Harvard Neurologist Dr Poling’s daughter Hannah was in a wellness study at the time of her vaccines, and regressed into Autism and later seizures.    Poling’s published peer reviewed paper proved that vaccines caused Hannah’s Autism using MRI scans of Hannah’s brain done by his colleagues prior to, and after vaccination (as part of the wellness study).  

Dr Poling has won two court cases against the Health and Human Services department who awarded damages for vaccine induced Autism and later seizures caused by vaccines.  The initial case was won in Nov 2007.   The family was interviewed on CNN on the 6th March 2008.  

The then head of the CDC, Dr Julie Gerberding was interviewed separately by CNN and, while she was evasive, she did concede that a percentage of the population have a mitochondrial dysfunction that could be of issue.    This ‘mitochondrial dysfuntion” is known to be common on highly successful people (such as politicains and doctors).   Dr Gerberding is the same woman who put CDC researcher Dr Willian Thompson on extended leave after he turned whistle-blower and reported that the CDC had been falsifying data to cover up that vaccines cause Autism.

Here is a link to some of the suppressed CDC research proving vaccines cause Autism, and you will find many more links proving vaccines do cause Autism  in the attached paper with multiple links, if you find the links is “broken” please contact google to ask why this might be.


A Whistle-blower from the vaccine company Merck has alleged that Dr Julie Gerberding was given a $6,000,000 package on joining that company, after leaving the CDC.  I seem to remember Robert Kennedy Jr reporting it was much higher than that.

When I worked in the North Shore Health region on behalf of the Federal Government “educating” local doctors about vaccines on not one occasion was I supplied with research papers to give to doctors to validate the safety or efficacy of vaccines.  Instead we were given “Fact Sheets” which – at the time – referenced the CDC as one of the sources of research validity.   Conversely when I worked for Glaxo Smith Kline in the 1980’s  I was provided with extensive research to give doctors about oral medications

The CDC references appear to have been removed or reduced on our government “fact sheets” since the revelation that the CDC is a private company that generates huge annual profits for itself with the – over 50 – vaccine patents it owns.   Robert Kennedy Jr claims that CDC researchers such as Dr William Thompson stand to gain $150,000 per annum bonus, per vaccine they are named in as a research developer.   Thompson claims that he was under considerable pressure from colleagues and management to filter out adverse findings from his research, and that he complied with this pressure.

The YouTube Video “Robert Kennedy Breaks his Silence” highlight’s that due to a loophole in the law, vaccines can be released onto the market with little or no research.   Dr Brian Hooker did take the CDC to court and was able – after a considerable battle – to extract “post marketing data”.   He has republished CDC research and was able to show that vaccines do cause Autism

Vaccines manufacturing is a $50  Billion per annum industry, with a $600,000,000 partnership with Google.(according to Robert Kennedy Jr)  Thus making it difficult for me to search out the papers I know exist.   However, I have linked for you the recent research by a top Danish Pro Vaccine doctor who found that his vaccinated cohort were 10 x more likely to be dead than the children he did not vaccinate in the 1980’s

I have also linked in – for you to view – a photograph of Robert Kennedy Jr with Dr Jeffery Bradstreet.  Dr Bradstreet announced at a conference in Florida in May 2015 that he was about to release research proving that the vaccine ingredient called Nagalase blocks our macrophages, thus causing cancer.   By July 2016 he was dead, he was found in a river with a non-self-inflicted bullet wound.   I spoke with a Swiss born Queensland woman who claims to have family links to the Bradstreet’s.  She verified to me that he was indeed about to release research that would have decimated the vaccine industry.

A personal acquaintance of mine, who claims to have “worked for the government”  – and  who I have seen in a photograph with then Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the head of the military – reported to me in early 2016 that there had been a spate of unusual deaths of doctors in the Florida region.   By the end of 2015 all of Dr Bradstreet’s research team were dead. 

I would like again to bring to your attention the recent research (attached) from the Danish doctor who went back to Africa and found that the children children he vaccinated in the 1980’s were 10 x more likely to be dead that the children he did not vaccinate in the 1980’s.

  • Minister Hunt please cease all mandatory vaccination effectively immediately.
  • Minister Hunt please cease the  No Jab No Play policy effective immediately.
  • Minister Hunt please refrain from approving further vaccines until we can prove the safety of the vaccines on the schedule with a robust research papers.   In particular, a number of companies have been passing off vaccines (without the antigen) as a placebo in research trials, rather than using the inert Normal Saline we had expected them to use.  Research papers need to use placebo, not a compound with vaccine ingredients and adjuvants in it.   Sometimes trails use a control group that had the vaccine previously, that is not a control group, and again construes fraudulent research.
  • Minister Hunt please remove all vaccines from the market where the safety and/or efficacy cannot be proven with valid science.

If there is no valid scientific research, no vaccine is my request, and cesation of mandatory vaccination, thank you for your assistance. 

Kind Regards,

Therese Cameron

Please find attached,

  1. Information about how Dr Zimmerman, the expert lead witness for the DOJ was dismissed from a vaccine damages court case after telling the DOJ attorney’s that vaccines do cause autism, and how the attorneys proceeded to lie and use his testimony in their case from a few years earlier saying that vaccines do not cause Autism.
  2. Photograph of Robert Kennedy Jr and Dr Bradstreet.
  3. Photograph about Harvard Neurologist Dr Polings published peer reviewed paper about vaccines causing his daughters Autism
  4. Multiple study links proving vaccines cause autism, including a link to the study of 400,000 children that was suppressed by the CDC.
  5. Vaccines & Increased Mortality (10 times the risk of death for the vaccinated verses unvaccinated children) 
  6. The submission statistics from the CDC research showing vaccines do caused increased autism, it is my understanding this research was suppressed.
  7. Photograph of President Trump with British trained Gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield who was the first person to expose the link between Crohn’s Disease, Vaccines and Autism

Please confirm receipt of this email via the reply all tab.  Please note it has been BCC to individuals in the Australian Federal Police as it is my understanding that the Honorable Minister Greg Hunt was under investigation with concern regarding a possibility he is being blackmailed. 

Government Is A Failure

Government Is A Failure

This applies equally here in Oz!

Reject raising the GST to 12.5% and reject applying it more broadly. Reject a continuous increase of the tax base, a continuous progression towards a greater degree of slavery and more hiding and less accountability for those who are supposed to work for our best interests!