Syndrome Zero

Dr Al SearsHere is some data on another series that is from a doctor who is cutting edge in his anti-aging remedies.
I have urgent news.
I consider this to be the biggest health crisis of all time.
As a matter of fact, it’s a rapidly growing pandemic spreading around the world.
When we look at the rate of new incidences, it’s only a matter of time before every man, woman and child on the planet will be affected.
But what’s truly alarming is that it’s at the very root of every chronic disease plaguing our modern world.
Heart disease
I named this emerging new threat Syndrome Zero.
And while mainstream medicine has yet to connect the dots like I have, evidence that supports my discovery is stacking up.
You see, chronic diseases are not genetic like we’ve all been told.
Mainstream medicine’s idea of treatment couldn’t be more off base. A diagnosis is not a death sentence.
There is a solution that can reverse this pandemic and return us to our native health.
I feel this news is so important, and so timely, I want to talk to you directly and give you a better understanding of Syndrome Zero.
Mark your calendar and plan to join me for my first-ever, 4-day Online Video Series:
Syndrome Zero: The Root of all Chronic Disease
In this video series, I’ll tell you how I discovered the true connection between ALL chronic diseases and share my solutions to beating them.
Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in each video:
Video 1: Not a Genetic Death Sentence.
You’ll learn how mainstream medicine has it wrong. How the true cause of chronic disease is not genetic, despite popular belief, and why a diagnosis isn’t a death sentence.
Video 2: Syndrome Zero’s Fuel.
I’ll explain how excess insulin production and fat storage are at the root of all that ails us. In today’s modern world excess carbohydrate consumption is making us fatter, and sicker at an alarming rate.
Insulin is the strong base of the iceberg that we can’t see… powering Syndrome Zero.
Video 3: Our Environment is Making us Sick.
You’ll see how the environmental link to the overproduction of insulin not only makes us fat — but makes us sick — robbing us of the energy we need for maintenance, repair and to fight disease.
Nutritional deficiencies, free radical damage and hypoxia are at the core of Syndrome Zero.
Video 4: The Solution to Syndrome Zero — and all chronic disease.
We’ll explore the real solutions that can stop Syndrome Zero in its tracks, returning us to our native state of good health.
I’ll reveal the ancient herbs ignored by modern medicine, simple lifestyle changes with great power, as well as stem cell treatments that have the ability to normalize blood sugar levels and have been described by researchers at the University College London as a breakthrough on par with (the discovery) of antibiotics.
Please join me starting Tuesday, November 14th for this important series.
It could be the best thing you will do for yourself all year.
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS
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Plant-Powered and Thriving

The advice for this free video series hit my email inbox this morning so I just had to share it with you today.

My products are great and do a miraculous job according to the feedback I am receiving but they are not a total or complete solution to your dietary requirements. You still need to eat food. (And I also take supplements.)

Listen to the four minute outline of what will be covered and decide if this data will help your journey to full health and vitality.

Child recently removed from family at gunpoint

“Imagine this scenario: Your perfectly healthy baby boy begins having 14 seizures a day, the day after receiving the Meningitis B Vaccine. You get no answers from your GP, or anybody else, for that matter. You make a video of your young boy to warn other parents that there might be something wrong with the vaccine. You think that’s only right: Let people see what happened to your boy and make their minds up on whether to opt out of that particular vaccine. You start looking into vaccines and conclude you won’t be vaccinating your child/children anymore. This results in your boy being removed from your home, because your anti-vaccine stance might harm him. Imagine it. Luke Maguire and Louise McKever don’t have to imagine that scenario. They’ve lived it for the last year.” – Richie Allen, radio presenter

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: why is it on the increase?

Ever since the mid-1970s, I’ve been investigating, researching, studying, tracking and writing about human health anomalies, which I—as well as other healthcare professionals and data researchers—have come to regard as adverse effects resulting from what most people would consider as “progress,” “technology,” “medicine,” “pharmaceuticals—specifically vaccines,” chemicals—including pesticides, herbicides[1], fertilizers, etc., GMOs[2]—‘phood’ and nanoparticles, CFL lightbulbs[3], weather geoengineering’s “chemtrails,[4]” and the more-recently scientifically-acknowledged, but still denied, “kid on the block” of human health “triggers”[5] (Something that either sets off a disease in people who are genetically predisposed to developing the disease, or that causes a certain symptom to occur in a person who has a disease. For example, sunlight can trigger rashes in people with lupus.) Electromagnetic waves, which include electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), microwaves (MWs) and radiofrequencies (RFs).

New study shows artificial sweeteners can lead to diabetes

The American Diabetes Association states foods and drinks that use artificial sweeteners are an option that “may help curb your cravings for something sweet” if you have diabetes. They’re among a number of public health organizations spreading the deceptive and incorrect message that artificial sweeteners make a sensible alternative to sugar for diabetics even as the research continues to accumulate to the contrary.

Non-Vaccinating Parent Categories

Non-Vaccinating Parent Categories
Then there’s me.
35 years ago I decided to look into it and looked at the literature that was available at that time. I saw enough evidence to suggest that not all was being told from the medical profession. I reasoned that if they were not telling all, they had something to hide. And it was probably very not good.
Seems I was right. A personality test I did many moons ago called me “an intuitive investigator”. I guess that’s what you get when your basic purpose is to understand. So we made the decision to not vaccinate.
Our three all had the measles in 1988, were all undamaged from it and are three of the healthiest I know in their 30s.
Please do your own homework! Don’t take anything I say as gospel. Don’t take ANYONE’S word for ANYTHING if it does not pass your gut feeling meter.