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Some data I had not seen elsewhere.

You may have seen a video made a few years ago of Bill Gates presenting to CIA personnel about the prospect of vaccinating against religious belief, religious fundamentalists he called them. If you haven’t, here it is: Well starting about the 50 minute mark in this video Todd talks about CRISPR gene editing/deleting technology in the Covid shot and the number one common effect from the Pfizer jab being that coming from the likely deletion of the 1p36 gene ( the lack of which causes intellectual disability, an inability to be reached conversationally (Zombie-like), causes ticks and also the VMAT2 (God gene or religious fundamentalist gene referred to by Bill Gates) and VMAT5 (Spirituality gene).

At the 1:03:00 mark “there are at least 3,300 foods that contain nanoparticles.”

Is the Media PAID TO LIE About Vax Side Effects and Deaths?

Bribes And Lies

A frightening list of Pfizer vax side effects was recently leaked, and the media was silent. But they weren’t just silent—they also continued to push the jab as entirely safe and effective. Why are they knowingly lying to the American public? According to information obtained by Blaze Media, news companies (including FOX and Newsmax) have taken large amounts of money from the government to push a deceitful narrative about COVID vaccines.

Reignite Democracy Event

Reignite Democracy Event

Dear Tom,

We’ve already had over 2,000 sign up for this education program…AMAZING!!!

If you’ve already signed up, great…we look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to forward this email to a friend.

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Do you want to take part in Australia’s largest non-government Political Education Exercise in Australia’s History?

After the last two years do you feel like our beloved, easy-going Australia feels unfamiliar – that it’s not the country you always knew?

Maybe like me you’re sick, and tired of politicians making self-serving, power-hungry, flip-flop decisions as they did during the pandemic – sending our country backwards. Rest assured, if you’re thinking like this you’re not alone – Millions of everyday Aussies feel exactly the same as you.

Are you concerned about bankrupted businesses that will never reopen, personal life savings that have been wiped out, medical procedures being mandated upon everyone, our $1-trillion debt (and counting) that has been amassed in record time?

That’s all thanks to the irresponsible and reckless decisions that our politicians in the major parties have made.

HOWEVER – TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE Australia’s disastrous slide into authoritarian control at this federal election by voting our out-of-touch politicians out. If you want to know how we can do this then we invite you to …

The 5 Day Making Political History Program – Let’s NEVER Repeat
The Last Two Years Again!!

Join us – Monica Smit, Founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, Liz Blake – political analyst and educational leadership consultant, and guests for 5 EXCITING, 60-MINUTE SESSIONS OVER 5-DAYS STARTING 8 PM AEDT MON APRIL 4TH (the first day without Daylight Savings, so: 8.00 PM QLD, 7.30 PM SA, 5 PM WA)

This live online, interactive event will show you

How the electoral system works,
How it favours the Liberal/Labor/Greens ‘system’,
How it works against freedom-loving parties and independent candidates, and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
What you can do to make political history by learning how you can turbocharge your vote.

By the end of this 5-day program, you’ll know HOW to make your vote work to get freedom-loving politicians elected; AND how to help others do the same.

We’ve had many meetings with the smartest freedom-loving political minds who understand Australia’s complex political and voting systems, and had many discussions on how to boil down a complex (and let’s be honest – to most of us, a yawn-fest) topic into something that will be easily understood, practical and powerful.

You’ll be equipped to be able to confidently inform your friends, family and, anyone that you come across in what will be the most critical Australian election in our lifetime.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for us to be joining together to be part of a history-making event like this!

Surveys tell us that millions of voters are not going to be voting for the major parties like they’ve always done. You are probably thinking this yourself. We have a real chance to swing the power in Canberra to politicians who have Australia’s interest at heart – unlike the unelected global bureaucrats who are increasingly influencing our politics and whose sole interests are the rape and pillaging of our nation.

They’ve gone too far! It’s time for better electoral representation in government. And TOGETHER WE CAN make the difference that Australians are suffering for.

If you’re ready for real change from this federal election… If you want a clear pathway to having a future to look forward to… If you’ve said, “I never want to repeat the last two years again!” ….

Click here to register now,

– Monica Smit & Liz Blake
Founder, Reignite Democracy Australia
Program Design & Development, Lateral Insights

P.S. Please share this with a friend and encourage them to join. You can send this link to the information page with a simple message like, “Hi, I this looks really interesting for the election coming up. I’m going, here is the link if you’d like to join me,”