Weight Loss Tips – 4 Foods to Never Eat!

Fried foods – upset hormone balance.
Wheat – causes inflammation.
Eat more single ingredient foods like fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans etc.
Most especially wild strawberries and raspberries, then cultivated raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, walnuts and pecans, pomegranates and cranberries and ox-tongue mushroom all high in ellagic acid that if taken in its natural form (not as a supplement) aid weight loss.

Scientific Thinking

Scientific Thinking
No, its even more fundamental, you are practicing blindness.
In order to be able to perceive you have be able and willing to confront and see what is actually there.
Not “see” what you think is there.
Not just believe what you are told is there.
Not pretend to see what you hope is there.
But actually observe what is really there.

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