Trial By Jury Combats Government Over Reach

I just received via email an interesting update to the NSW MyService Account Terms of Service.

It says, in part:

You are not allowed to use MyServiceNSW Account:

to participate in any illegal or fraudulent activity
to cause disruption to MyServiceNSW Account
in a way that infringes a person’s rights or prevents them from using MyServiceNSW Account
in any way that may harass, cause distress or inconvenience others
to post or send unlawful, defamatory, offensive or scandalous material, or
to post or send material that breaks or encourages breaking the law.

Pretty ironic when the NSW government are engaging in illegal activity by applying coercion to accept an experimental medical procedure in a way that infringes my rights, causes harassment and distress to many and encourages medical professionals to break the law and their oath to do no harm.

The solution of course is to reinstitute trial by jury. A judge cannot find a defendant non-guilty by virtue of an unjust law. Only a jury can do that. Trial by jury is the true safeguard against government over reach and tyranny. A judge can assume more power than common law grants him/her and think he/she can decide a case but that is not the correct application of the law.

Just think, if every person who violated the present unjust, draconian laws came before a trial by jury of 12 of their peers, the whole debacle would fizzle and fade in no time at all.

No matter who wins elections, trial by jury is the control mechanism that keeps them in check 124/7. Not just every 4 years.

I encourage you to get behind and support the restoration of common law trial by jury at every opportunity. It IS the physical universe handling for government insanity.