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Spiritual Nutrition

by Tom Fair
We live today in a social environment in which a greater and greater percentage of the population has become concerned with their physical well-being. Bodily health and physical improvement activities have become big business. Nutritional supplements and organic foods, once thought of as fads endorsed by a small minority, are now hot items.
We live also in a data-rich society; and data can be considered Food for the Mind. People who wish to become successful in one field or another are on the outlook for the most “nutritious” data – the information that is true to the point of greatest and most efficient workability.
Partial or incorrect data, then, can be defined as poor “Mental Nutrition.” Every week, people attend workshops and seminars in search of data that will enrich their thought processes and operating methods and thus enrich their lives.
We come now to the subject of the Spirit. Man can be considered as an entity consisting of three major elements – body, mind and spirit (or soul). If there is food for the body, and food for the mind, then there must also be food for the soul. The subject of “Soul Food” can be called the subject of Spiritual Nutrition.
Well, then – exactly what would be of high nutritional value for the Spirit? It would be those things that made the Spirit lighter, brighter, more confident and more stable – those things that made him more spirit-like and free from the constraints of the material world.
Such things can be classified under the heading of GOOD NEWS. By contrast, bad news is troubling and demoralizing to the Spirit; GOOD NEWS is invigorating.
We tell a person that war has been declared, and taxes must go higher in order to pay for that war, that young men and women will probably die on the battlefield. This is bad news / poor spiritual nutrition.
On the other hand, we can tell him that the war is over, Johnny’s coming home, salaries are up and taxes are down – that’s GOOD NEWS and of high nutritional value for the Spirit.
You take a look around now in your environment, and see if you can find some people and organizations who are making a killing (pun intended) by peddling enormous quantities of the worst kind of bad news to be found anywhere on earth. And consider how that news makes you feel spiritually.
Although GOOD NEWS is the basis of a continuing happy life, we find so many millions among us totally committed to gorging on their daily doses of spiritual junk food – the news of catastrophes, crime, warfare and the alarming gossip about public figures that saturates the media each and every hour of each and every day.
Is it any wonder that a people so spiritually impoverished find themselves in an economic debacle that defies solution?
But wait… here’s the upside in all of this: you and I are born with the ability to become Spiritual Nutritionists – we can cook up our own GOOD NEWS!!!
This is what makes Scouting, for example, such a wonderful activity; for every time we exercise such inborn qualities as kindness, helpfulness, loyalty, courage and honesty, we are creating a new reality on earth that amounts to GOOD NEWS.
Mom’s home cooking: GOOD NEWS!! A new bridge is designed and built: GOOD NEWS!! A marriage lasts fifty years: GOOD NEWS!! Boy saves puppy from drowning: GOOD NEWS!!
People everywhere feel better, and are more observant and active when they hear Good News; thus, Spiritual Nutrition contributes also to the health of Mind and Body.
And yet – how many people go out of their way to 1) Find GOOD NEWS; and 2) Pass it on?
Not enough, I’m sorry to say.
World, it’s time to wake up and start thinking about your Spiritual Nutrition. It’s time for a change of diet.
Copyright© 2009 by Tom Fair. All Rights Reserved.
Note: an article with this title was originally written around 1990, and has since disappeared into certain banker’s boxes among thousands of other unidentified papers.
As I wished to re-issue the message, I found it simpler to re-write the entire piece. At some point in the future, the original issue will no doubt be recovered, at which time it will be interesting to compare the two.
You can email Tom at dynamic_tomfair at

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