Post Covid Vaccination Protocol


I was not going to give an introduction to me. After all, I am not the important piece of the jigsaw puzzle, you and what it takes to detox you are the two most important pieces of it. But I ran the first draft of this article past a couple of practitioners and was advised to. So here goes.

My name is Tom Grimshaw. I am a health food manufacturer, author, father, grandfather and someone passionately interested in helping people do better.

When people are not doing well I consider it my responsibility to do what I can to help them get on top of that situation.

Many moons ago now I failed year ten in school but went back and did my HSC and have pretty much never stopped studying ever since. I love learning and sharing what I have learned. So much so that I have written a 1,000+ page book on how to live the healthiest life.

In the interest of full disclosure I have no formal medical or nutrition training but I did have a Kiwi in the food business visit me once and after we’d been talking a while he said, “You’re a national living treasure! I’ve had three food manufacturing businesses and you know more about food and the effect it has on the body than anybody I’ve ever met!”

Alas I fear that compliment is far more a damning indictment of our general lack of knowledge than a valid testimony of my expertise as I feel I am just scratching the surface of the subject.

So when Covid reared its ugly head I paid attention. Most specifically to the unscientific and illogical (if you measure logic according to that which enables you and others to better survive) response to Covid from the medical autocracy and the government.

At first I thought I should gather the data and provide evidence that the response was never about health it was always about creating a climate of fear to force people into doing things that, if they had time and all the data, they would not do. Well I did what I think was a pretty good job of it (judge for yourself if you are interested: but my effort and the effort of lots of other like minded people, were insufficient to counter the onslaught of main stream media fear porn and government coercion.

Too little distribution of the truth too late to make a difference for the majority. More’s the pity.

Hence a lot of people have been jabbed with an experimental, toxic cocktail that independent doctors with courage and integrity said over a year ago was going to cause far more harm than good. Those doctors were right. If you are at all active on social media you have probably seen the videos of the vaccine injured telling their stories.

Based on the data I have seen from various medical researchers and scientists, the content of the Covid jab harms as many as 20 different human systems. So in my humble opinion, expecting one or a dozen or even 100 ingredients to undo that damage is wildly optimistic! I am yet to be convinced that a vaccinated person will ever undo all the damage and fully regain their health, if only because I know of no way to undo the harm caused by aborted fetal cell tissue in vaccines contributing to autoimmune diseases. Hopefully more data will emerge sooner rather than later to give me more optimism.

Despite that, I have been collecting what data I can from various informed sources. As of writing this (November 2021) it is still very early in the remediation game. By actual government agency reports, tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injury reports have been filed in the US, European and Australian vaccine adverse event reporting systems post COVID shots. A Harvard University study acknowledged the under reporting in those systems. They put received reports as low as 1% of the adverse events actually experienced. This puts the actual deaths into the hundreds of thousands and the injuries into the millions. This is a mind boggling failure of the duty of care of the bodies in charge of public health and safety.

The medical autocrats, the government and media are still pushing the lie that the vaccines are safe and effective and still denying the vaccines cause the damage they do despite advising us hospitals are overwhelmed with new admissions and sacking nurses for refusing the jab! All the while frontline medical workers are risking their jobs to speak out about the vaccine injuries.

At this very early stage of the game none of my sources can provide clinical trial evidence to support the efficacy of the below listed ingredients from which this protocol is crafted although various practitioners using portions of this protocol have reported successes in the alleviation of symptoms. Heck! The authorities are still denying the presence of graphene oxide and pollutants in the injections! So please discuss this data with your primary health care provider to work out which, if any of these detoxifying agents and nourishments are indicated and recommended for your body.

In ten years time we may have a clinically tested and thoroughly effective protocol to help the body repair the vaccine damage or the vaccines may have been abandoned or as they have for nearly 200 years, they may still be being pushed with the medical cartel still denying they cause harm. Time will tell. But I am not going to wait till then to share what I would do to as best I could help my body to recover.

It might just be a good idea to print this out and put it in your medicine cabinet in case you or somebody you care about needs it and you want to lay your hands on it quickly. At the rate honest medicos are censored and silenced and true information is being suppressed and deleted at present and I have heard opinions that our free access to information via the internet is a thorn in the side of those who would suppress us so they will continue to up the ante so we cannot be certain that this data will still be online when you need it!


When we are sick we just want to get well, quickly. We want a quick fix, a “shock and awe” attack on that which ails us. (That’s the attraction of drugs and vaccines. Unfortunately the average medical drug has 75 side-effects, one of which is death.)

A war leaves a lot of spent munitions, deep holes, piles of rubble and dead bodies around the landscape. Similarly, a rapidly killing a lot of pathogens in the body with a powerful detox leaves lots of debris that needs to be cleared. If the transport pipes and elimination channels in the body are blocked (as with kidney, liver, gall and bladder stones) or restricted (as in fecal matter build up in the small and large intestines or cholesterol build up in the arteries) flooding these channels with lots of dead pathogens, heavy metals and other detox debris to eliminate is very likely to overload them leading to further pressure on the body and distress for its owner.

Therefore the logical strategy is to clean the pipes prior to rapidly and majorly increasing the load on them. Hence the inclusion of the links to Hulda Clark’s cleansing regimes and the sequence in the protocol prior to major chelating and detoxing actions.

Having said that, if you have urgent specific issues you may be well advised to address those promptly. For instance if I had arterial plaque I would not wait before starting on 5 grams of lecithin a day. If I had blood clots I would not waste a moment before getting some lumbrokinase and nattokinase and starting to dissolve the clots. (Canadian GP Dr Bothe found 62% of his patients had clots post jab.) If I had chest pains or diagnosed myocarditis or pericarditis I would take Dr Ian Brighthope’s advice and instantly and radically up my vitamin C intake and/or hit up a doctor for some intravenous vitamin C as soon as I could. (Links to organisations who can refer you to a practitioner who will administer intravenous vitamin C in an appendix to this article.)

This is why your individual circumstances are best evaluated by a nutritionally experienced primary care physician after a thorough exam and potentially a battery of tests. If your allopathic doctor won’t do it I suggest finding a naturopath or homeopath who will.


I have heard the opinion that you have to address every single component of the jab liquid. I concur. So, what’s in the jab that needs to be addressed?

  • 0 SARS Covid-19 Virus
  • 1 Spike Protein
  • 2 mRNA (Operating System that instructs your cells to make spike protein)
  • 3 Graphene Oxide (super conductive)
  • 4 Metals (mercury and other heavy metals)
  • 5 Fungus genetically linked to insect genetically linked to silicone based life form
  • 6 Genetic insects linked with AI components, a silicone based life form
  • 7 Hydra vulgaris, highly persistent living parasite found in the jab liquid
  • 8 Aborted fetal cells
  • 9 Other unspecified pollutants


  • 0 Minimize harm from virus (as it can’t be killed)
  • 1 Reduce ability of virus to enter cells and replicate
  • 2 Disable the Operating System
  • 3 Chelate and eliminate
  • 4 Chelate and eliminate
  • 5 Kill and eliminate
  • 6 Kill and eliminate
  • 7 Kill and eliminate
  • 8 Solution yet to be determined
  • 9 Chelate and eliminate


I share the following not to frighten or disturb but for two reasons. One is to illustrate the potential harm from inaction. The second is to give you the correct order of magnitude of the response required. If you misestimate the amount of effort required you will not accomplish your desired result. It is no good exerting the same force to open a heavy safe door that you would use to open a fly wire door. Detoxing from an injected gene altering therapy is not the same order of magnitude as detoxing after a weekend of bad eating or a night on the town!

A wide range of problems have been reported post jab. One medical opinion I heard was that the toxic elements of the jab appear to cause the most harm to the weakest area of the body. One doctor commented that the jab was the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to the immune system. Another said the first jab lowers the immune system by 15% and the second by 35%. Classes of problems experienced post jab include:

  • Cardiovascular (blood clots and inflammothrombiotic response)
  • Systemic Inflammation (response to spike protein)
  • Neurological (headaches, amyloid plaque build up in brain, uncontrollable shaking, paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease etc.)
  • Hormonal
  • Mental (reports of brain fog, unable to string words together, feeling worse, detached, not in present time)
  • Reproductive (huge number of reports of heavy periods, menstruation post menopause, unusual bleeding, even from people just in contact with the jabbed and fertility problems predicted)
  • Gastrointestinal (stomach pains)
  • Immunological (the shot suppresses the production of the white blood cells that are the first line of defense against cancer)
  • Cellular biology (spike protein harming DNA)
  • Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) refers to a condition where the vaccination augments your risk of serious infection. We are now starting to see evidence that ADE is occurring in the vaccinated population.


The body is an incredibly complex, self healing miracle that will keep running on a variety of fuels of vastly different quality levels. The less stress you experience and toxins you ingest, the cleaner the air you breathe, the purer the water you drink and the more nutritious is the food you ingest, the healthier it is and the more able it is to maintain and repair itself. Hence:

  • 1. Stop doing that which harms.
  • 2. Unblock and clean out the elimination pathways in the body.
  • 3. Cleanse the body of toxins (drugs, heavy metals, parasites, fungi etc.). After which it will be far better able to heal itself.
  • 4. Provide the body with those nutrients that enable it to attain the goals listed above for each identified vector of harm.
  • 5. Purity, Density, Diversity is a mantra I have had in Healthelicious for some time. A word regarding Diversity. Nature is very synergistic. Often times the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For instance chicken and broccoli eaten together yield 13 times the anti-cancer benefit of each on their own. A keen eye will note the protocol has several ingredients in it that are powerful heavy metal chelators (to chelate means to grab on to something, from the Greek for claw), EDTA, Zeolite, Carbon 60 and activated charcoal. Why attack the heavy metals from so many angles? The reason clinical trials are done is to determine HOW efficacious is something. It is almost never 100% good or 100% bad. My theory is that one ingredient might do a better job for one person whereas the person next to them might be better served by a different ingredient. And ingredient A might be good for chelating one heavy metal and ingredient B be good for another. (This is actually the case.) Hence the multi-pronged approach.


My daughter once replied to one of her friends who was surprised at something I had accomplished, “You know my dad. He never does anything half arsed!” Despite that lovely compliment and the number of different elements and nutrients in this regime I feel this is very much not yet even a work in progress but merely a beginning salvo in what I predict will be a protracted war against the elements causing vaccine injuries.

Not everyone has the patience, discipline, time and/or money to throw everything at the problem and fasting may not be appropriate for all and some actions should be done before others so I have arranged the elements of the protocol in what I feel would be the most optimal sequence. Even if you have zero dollars to spare at present, doing at least the first 5 steps will be of assistance.

If you can afford it but are reluctant to spend the money required to do as I would, throw everything at it including the kitchen sink, I would remind you that even the sum cost of the ingredients in the full protocol is probably cheaper than a funeral and as the old saying goes, you can’t take it with you!

If you can’t face doing the whole enchilada, start with what you can confront.
If you do not have the time or money to do each of the first 15 steps, do what you can.
Doing something is far better than doing nothing.
I am a great believer is starting. That’s often the hardest part.
Then continue towards your goal.
Do what you can from where you are with what you’ve got.


  • A Read through the full protocol and Appendices 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7.
  • B Do steps 1, 2 and 3 of the Protocol including discussing the Protocol with your primary care practitioner and deciding what steps of it you you will do.
  • C Order enough of the items you will need for the Protocol for a period of 6 weeks. At least those listed in Appendices 1 and 2.
  • D Continue the Protocol from Step 4 as far as you wish until you are done.
  • E Review the results with your primary health care practitioner. This may involve blood or other tests and scans.
  • F Continue (or not) according your progress and the the advice of your practitioner.
  • G Send the feedback of the results you obtained with the Protocol to or Tom Grimshaw PO Box 470 Glebe NSW 2037 Australia.


Based on the above rationale I have arranged them in the sequence I would use.


Look at the Covid Pre-Jab Protocol at and discuss with your primary health care provider what of it you will implement.


Make the decision that you will do what it takes to heal the body. Not what you find easy, comfortable or convenient but what it takes. That’s what winners do and this is a game you want to win!

Anything positive you intend to accomplish will meet with counter intention from that part of the mind created to stop you. “It’s all too hard.” “It will take too much time.” “That all requires too much effort.” Any time that happens just push that to one side and say to your self, “I intend to get better.” and do what it takes to attain your target.

Many years ago I learned the principle that it was best to work backwards when you wanted to organize something. First work out what was the desired product. In this case, minimized harm or optimally, a well body. Then work out what needed to be done to accomplish that product. (This protocol is my effort in that direction.) Lastly, become the person capable of doing what is required.

So if you finish reading this protocol and think to yourself, “I could never do that!” firstly, that is a great big FLUNK! for invalidating yourself and secondly, OK, that’s where you were yesterday. You CAN change! What decision do you have to make or what beingness do you have to adopt to be able to do it? It could be as simple as just saying to yourself, “OK. I accept that flunk for self-invalidation. I won’t do it again. From now on I will be a better coach to myself and just keep saying, ’You got this, you CAN do it!’”

You didn’t think of yourself as a coach, did you? I am certain a major cause of lack of success is that most people are a far more effective critic of themselves than they are a coach! We need to fix that.


If you are a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.
If I were smoking, I’d stop. If I drank alcohol, I’d stop. If I did recreational drugs, I’d stop. If I were on pain medication, I would find a nutritional alternative and stop the drugs. If I were on psychotropic medication I would find a practitioner with a track record of helping people get off them and wean off them. If I were listening to the radio news, watching the TV or reading the papers I’d stop. If I had a negative relative, friend or coworker after whom conversing with I felt worse, I’d at least figure out a way not to be adversely affected by them or, if not, stop communicating with them. In other words stop poisoning your body and mind.

To this end if finances permitted you could look at getting a water filter that removes fluoride, a home air filter (saw one at, at least a personal if not a whole home device to protect from EMF radiation, known to have a big effect on graphene oxide in the body.

Avoid all vegetable oils and processed foods. Focus on certified-organic foods to minimize your glyphosate exposure, and include plenty of sulfur-rich foods to keep your mitochondria and lysosomes healthy. Both are important for the clearing of cellular debris, including these spike proteins. You can also boost your sulfate by taking Epsom salt baths.


Life is a team activity. The reason nurses exist is to help people recover. Often people cannot recover on their own. The are dispersed and distracted by their illness/injury and can easily forget or feel disinclined to so don’t, eat, take medication, exercise etc. Some elements of this protocol are tough to confront doing or even start let alone maintain, like a fast, and are perhaps best done under the supervision of a medical practitioner with a proven track record of helping people heal their body. So pick a person to be your mentor or at least coach as you go through this protocol. This will vastly increase your chances of successfully completing it.


You’ve already found that most of the magic in medicine’s magic pills is Big Pharma’s profit. The side effects are far from pleasant let alone magical. In health, as in business, spectacular results are often preceded by lots of mundane effort. Work diligently to establish the best baseline for your progress towards recovering your health. For me this includes the following. But don’t wait until you have all these ducks in a row before proceeding with the the rest of the protocol.

  • Adequate sleep
  • Fresh air
  • Pure water
  • Good diet
  • Exercise (light to moderate if you are sedentary) Minimum 20 minutes walking a day
  • Positive thinking
  • Grounding
  • Socialising
  • Relaxation
  • Zero stress


Because the body spends its resources repairing when it is not digesting, minimally, I would engage in intermittent fasting. More beneficial would be a 72 hour fast. Optimal would be a 1 week, water only fast. Even after doing a one week water fast I would (as I do now) intermittent fast. I typically get at least 14 hours between dinner and breakfast.

Optimal: Water only fasting (for 1 week) has been shown to repair DNA damage and silence foreign mRNA.
Second best: I have heard that a 48 to 72 hour fast completely reboots the immune system.
Third best: Intermittent fasting (as long a period between last meal at night and first meal next day) is beneficial. If you can get your eating window down to 8 hours a day, that is a good first target.

To combat the toxicity of the spike protein, you’ll want to optimize autophagy, which may help digest and remove the spike proteins. Time-restricted eating will upregulate autophagy, while sauna therapy, which upregulates heat shock proteins, will help refold misfolded proteins and also tag damaged proteins and target them for removal. It is important that your sauna is hot enough (around 170 degrees Fahrenheit) and does not have high magnetic or electric fields.


Start on Level 1 Supplements as listed in Appendix 1.
As a matter of high priority I would want to handle, even prior to the cleanses,
the blood clotting and
the spike protein getting into my cells and replicating and
the graphene oxide.


A bath (soak and scrub) in warm water containing the following:

  • Baking Soda 1 or 2 cups
  • Bentonite Clay 1/2 cup
  • Borax 1 cup
  • Epsom Salts 1 or 2 cups


Do every three weeks to short circuit the 4 week parasite reproductive cycle
Parasite cleanse (conditional target to liver/gall bladder cleanse)
(If you have access to Ivermectin you would find that a lot more convenient.)
Kidney cleanse (conditional target to liver/gall bladder cleanse)
Liver/gall bladder cleanse To soften stones, do every three weeks.
Every fourth time do a four day protocol


Move up to at least Level 2 Supplements (Appendix 2) preferably Level 3 (Appendix 3).
Most of the items on the Level 2 list are recommended as a basic protocol by several medicos.
Except for the Zinc and Melatonin, take the supplements in the morning.
Take the Zinc and Melatonin just before bed.


First thing in morning and last thing at night take an elimination mix comprised of:

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Zeolite


Start with 1 drop before bed for three days 5% solution.
Next three days do 1 drop morning and night.
Then maintenance dose 1 drop three times a day.

After exposure to vaxxed or
if blood pressure drops or body temperature drop to 94.7 degrees indicates severely infested,
take a max of 25 drops a day.


Jim Humble’s plus DMSO twice daily. (MMS and anti-oxidants should not be taken at the same time.)


  • 5 grams Sunflower Lecithin
  • 10 grams Vitamin C
  • (any other nutrients from the supplement list that are in powder form and OK to be taken with food can be added here)


Dr Stephanie Seneff found that the countries that use Glyphosate had distinctly higher Covid death rates. Biome Medic detoxes the body from Glyphosate. It has three ingredients, a prebiotic, Humic/Fulvic Acid and Lactobaillus Sporogenes.


(In earlier versions I included Shikimic Acid here but Dr Judy Mikovits advises against it as being potentially dangerous and inappropriate for Covid.)

In simple terms, when a cell becomes stressed (by physical or chemical shock or by viral, bacterial or fungal attack) its energy levels are reduced and it becomes electro-positive. Ozone has a free radical electrical charge in the third atom of oxygen (O3) which is able to balance this unbalanced charge. Diseased cells, viruses, harmful bacteria and other pathogens carry such a charge and so attract ozone and its by-products.

When ozone is introduced into the blood, it reacts with these oxidisable substrates killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In addition, the metabolic waste products of these organisms are oxidized and an oxygen rich environment is provided within which healthy cells can thrive. Normal healthy cells can not react with ozone or its by-products as they possess a balanced electrical charge and strong enzyme system.

Ozone disrupts the integrity of bacterial cell wall through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. It also damages viral capsid and upsets reproductive cycle by disrupting virus-to-cell contact.

Ozone stimulates the production of interferon 4-9 times the normal level. It also stimulates the production of interleukins mainly Interleukin-2. In addition ozone stimulates the production of Tumour necrosis factor (TNF).

You can do an internet search for ozone creams and find quite a few suppliers. If your condition is extreme also look up ozone therapy clinics. In the USA visit

15 Dr Richard Fleming’s Post Covid Jab Protocol

I have left this till last, not because I think it is the least important but because it is a drug protocol, the most expensive and not many will want to drop over US$3,000, especially if the previous steps works. Rather than repeating it verbatim, here is the link to it: If that link no longer works I have also saved it to my site at:


Most importantly, please share this broadly. Especially to nutritionally competent health care professionals. It may save them some time or they may get back to me with some suggestions to expand or improve the protocol.

If you have a question or if you find it benefits you, please drop me a line at:

Appendix 1 – Level 1 Supplements List and Amounts

  • Transdermal EDTA cream
  • Grape Seed Extract 300-600 mg
  • Lumbrokinase per label or practitioner instructions
  • Nattokinase per label or practitioner instructions
  • Serrapeptase per label or practitioner instructions
  • Xylitol up to 8 grams per Now Foods label

(Serrapeptase and Lumbrokinase are best taken away from food, not with.)

Appendix 2 – Level 2 Supplements List and Amounts

  • All supplements listed in Appendix 1 plus:
  • Echinacea 300 mg twice a day
  • Magnesium Chloride/Citrate At least 500 mg
  • Melatonin 3 mg last thing at night with the zinc
  • Selenium 200 mcg (One of the very few vitamins extremely dangerous to overdose on. Safest way is a few fresh Brazil nuts each day)
  • Zinc 30 mg Last thing at night with a glass of water
  • Vitamin A 25,000 IU
  • Vitamin B 2 multi caps/tablets
  • Vitamin C Raise to at least 10,000 mg using bowel tolerance. Try a gram every two hours.
  • Vitamin D3 10,000 IU
  • Vitamin E 800 IU (women) 1200 IU (men)
  • Vitamin K2 120 mcg

Appendix 3 – Full List of Ingredients in The Complete Protocol and A Source For Each

To save you looking all over the place for a supplier for each of these items I have listed at least one supplier for each where I know of one. (In the interest of full transparency, from two suppliers, iHerb and Provizion, I make a referral commission if you buy from the links below. And obviously if you purchase products from me, I profit from the sale of those too.) In alphabetical order of item.

Nutrient Name Supplier
Activated Charcoal^ email or
Apple Pectin or
Bacillus Coagulans
Baking Soda^ Supermarket
Bentonite Clay^ email or
Biome Medic
Borax^ email or
Supercharged Carbon 60^ email
Colloidal Silver^ email or call Fulhealth Industries on Gold Coast
CoQ10 or
Dandelion Tea
Diatomaceous Earth
Digestive Enzymes or
DMSO Don’t know in Oz. In the US from or
EDTA transdermal cream Do an internet search for “transdermal edta cream”.
Elderberry/Tea Supermarket
Enzymes Supermarket
Epsom Salts^ email or or supermarket
Fish Oil Coles often have Blackmores on special at half price (in Australia)
Fulvic Acid Minerals
Grape Seed Extract
Green Tea Supermarket
Hemp Extract
Hydroxychloroquine Practitioner or use recipe in bibliography
Iodine per label directions
L Arginine
Lecithin or
Lumbrokinase or
Magnesium Chloride/Citrate or or
Melatonin or
N-Acetyl Cysteine or
Nattokinase or or
Niacin (not niacinamide) or
Nigella (black cumin) or
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) or
Quercetin or or
Selenium or
Serrapeptase or
Turmeric Supermarket
Ubiquinol or
Vitamin A or
Vitamin B or
Vitamin C or
Vitamin D3 or
Vitamin E or or
Vitamin K2 or
Xylitol or
Zeolite^ email
Zinc or

^ The cost of freight being what it is, for these items rather than get them through me it would probably be more economical for you to procure them locally if you live other than in Australia and New Zealand.


Because Zinc interferes with the absorption of other nutrients and vice versa and
the components of the mud pack can prevent the uptake of nutrients and
MMS should not be taken at the same time as anti-oxidants and
water intake should be kept up to flush the toxins but not taken with food to allow the enzymes to take effect and
the intake of vitamin C should be throughout the day rather than all at once,
here is a sample schedule that accommodates these factors.

Again, please discuss this with your primary health care provider to determine what is best for your body.

  • 7:00 am Glass of room temperature water with the juice of half a lemon
  • 7:01 am Stretches and mild to moderate exercise
  • 7:30 am Toxin Elimination Mix and glass of water
  • 8:00 am MMS, DMSO and glass of water
  • 8:20 am Morning Pill Pack, iodine, mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie and breakfast
  • 10:00 am 2 Glutathione capsules, glass of water
  • 10:30 am Mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie
  • 11:00 am Cup of Green Tea
  • 12:10 pm Dandelion Tea and digestive enzyme capsule
  • 12:30 pm Mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie, iodine and lunch
  • 1:30 pm Serrapeptase, glass of water
  • 3:00 pm Mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie and afternoon tea
  • 4:00 pm Cup of Green Tea
  • 4:30 pm Mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie
  • 5:30 pm Dandelion Tea
  • 6:20 pm Mouthful of Super Nutrition Smoothie, Echinacea, iodine and dinner
  • 7:30 pm 2 Glutathione capsules, glass of water
  • 8:00 pm MMS, DMSO and half glass of water
  • 9:00 pm Toxin Elimination Mix
  • 10:00 pm Zinc and Melatonin

Appendix 5 – Source of High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C

To find a practitioner who can administer High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C in Australia, go to either:
The Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine
Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

Appendix 6 – Bibliography

Appendix 7 Disclaimer

The information contained in this document is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional. The information is offered only in order to empower individuals and is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (in the USA) or the TGA (in Australia). The reader understands that the author is neither a medical practitioner nor engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services. Any treatment protocol you undertake should be discussed with your physician or other licensed medical professional. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of this material to your specific situation. Do not stop or change your medications without consulting your physician. If you are having an emergency, contact your local emergency services. The person receiving this information assumes any and all liability for how it is used and understands that what they do with the information is fully their decision. The person receiving, accepting, and/or using this information agrees to fully release Tom Grimshaw and the person providing this information from any and all liability.

Appendix 8 Protocol Progress Tracker

(I recommend you cut and paste this to a text editor or print it out, whichever is more convenient for you and complete it as you progress through your chosen steps.)

———- Protocol Progress Tracker ———-

Protocol Follower:                             Date of Birth:

Practitioner Name and Contact Details:


Date Commenced Protocol:

If Deceased, Date of Death:               Cause of Death:

Symptoms Noted At Start (With degree of severity):

Protocol Element           Date Started    Date Ended    Number of Days Used
Activated Charcoal
Apple Pectin
Bacillus Coagulans
Baking Soda
Bentonite Clay
Biome Medic
Supercharged Carbon 60
Colloidal Silver
Dandelion Tea
Diatomaceous Earth
Digestive Enzymes
Elderberry Tea
Epsom Salts
Fish Oil
Fulvic Acid Minerals
Grape Seed Extract
Green Tea
Hemp Extract
L Arginine
Magnesium Chloride/Citrate
N-Acetyl Cysteine
Niacin (not niacinamide)
Nigella (black cumin)
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin K2

Other Elements Employed:

Progress Report End of Week 1:

Progress Report End of Week 2:

Progress Report End of Week 3:

Progress Report End of Week 4:

Progress Report End of Week 5:

Progress Report End of Week 6:

Symptoms Noted At 6 Weeks on Protocol (With degree of severity):



Version 10
15 December 2021