Vaccine Medical Exemptions Legal Challenge Needs Your Support

Federal Court of Australia

By now, it is no secret that the Federal Government has made it next to impossible to get a medical contraindication exemption under its No Jab, No Pay law, which also adversely affects eligibility under the state No Jab, No Play laws.

For all intents and purposes, the government has effectively abolished vaccine medical exemptions.

In the post-mandate era, broad access to medical contraindication exemptions is essential.

A parent with legal standing is now challenging this in the Federal Court of Australia, but needs your support to do so.

Please donate what you can – even small amounts will be incredibly helpful – and share widely.

Note: This is not an AVN initiative, but we are helping to promote it, so please address any questions to the plaintiff’s website linked below.

Legal Action

More Truth And Sanity From The Man In The Street Than Our Government!

Minister On Rebel News
I would like to share a video with you that I found moving and inspirational. It contains more truth and sanity in one clip than we have heard from the government and media in 18 months.
The minister being interviewed at the end of the clip knows 7 people who have committed suicide due to the lockdowns. That is more than the total COVID deaths this entire year! Let alone the hundreds who have died and the thousands who have been injured from the “vaccine”.
The government and pHarma “remedies” are orders of magnitude worse than the infection!
Now that the CDC have come out and admitted the PCR test (which we are using to determine COVID infections and therefore justify the lockdown agenda) CANNOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN COVID AND THE NORMAL INFLUENZA!!!!! we need to get this data out and more broadly known so that more people become aware of the magnitude of the deception. The sooner we get more people on the same page as truth and freedom the less likely we will have to witness Thomas Jefferson’s “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson wrote in a letter to William S. Smith, a diplomatic official in London, on November 13, 1787. The sooner an emergency is handled the less drastic the action needed to rectify it. We want to handle this peacefully and quickly to avert what might otherwise come to pass.

More To Motherhood Than Meets The Eye

More To Motherhood Than Meets The Eye

“When I was pregnant with my daughter her cells migrated into my bloodstream and then circled back into hers. For 41 weeks our cells merged and crossed and after she was born these cells stayed in my body, leaving a permanent imprint in my tissues, bones, brain, and skin, and will stay there for decades. ?And every child I have after will leave a similar imprint on my body.

Even if a pregnancy doesn’t go to full term or you have an abortion, these cells still migrate into your bloodstream. Research has shown that if a mother’s heart is injured, fetal cells will rush to the site of the injury and change into different types of cells that specialize in mending the heart! Studies have also shown cells from a fetus in a mothers brain 18 years after she gave birth!

Mothers have always intuitively felt their child even when they are not there, now there is scientific proof that we carry them for years and years even after we have birthed them. I know my body held and made my daughter, but she too made me. Leaving pieces of herself to forever flow through my body and heal me in ways I am only still trying to understand. Forever grateful for her not only being my teacher but also my healer.

If you’re curious to learn more google “Fetal-maternal microchimerism”.

Words by Kelsi Ludvigsen
Art by the talented

A complete guide to the latest Coronavirus Lockdown Order

Masked Tyrants

There seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the restrictions imposed under the latest Lockdown Order and the interpretation of its terms has largely been left to media outlets who have struggled to grapple with the task.

While it is impossible for us to address each and every aspect of the latest Order, we have undertaken a careful examination of the latest New South Wales Covid-19 Lockdown Order and answered some of the most common questions and debunked the most popular misconceptions.

SARS COVID-19 PCR Test A Fraud

SARS COVID-19 PCR Test A Fraud

CDC to withdraw emergency use authorization for RT PCR Test
Well the cat really is out of the bag with this one! How in the name of heaven are they going to be able to continue the lockdown scam now that this is admitted? Of course anyone who listened to Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, say it cannot detect infection, knew all along that number of cases based on the PCR test was a complete lie. How will the Premiers tackle this one?

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev

Excerpts of a letter Rudolf Nureyev wrote, to the dance community about his own life as a dancer, while dying of AIDS:

“It was the smell of my skin changing, it was getting ready before class, it was running away from school and after working in the fields with my dad because we were ten brothers, walking those two kilometers to dance school.

I would never have been a dancer, I couldn’t afford this dream, but I was there, with my shoes worn on my feet, with my body opening to music, with the breath making me above the clouds. It was the sense I gave to my being, it was standing there and making my muscles words and poetry, it was the wind in my arms, it was the other guys like me that were there and maybe wouldn’t be dancers, but we swapped the sweat, silences, barely.

For thirteen years I studied and worked, no auditions, nothing, because I needed my arms to work in the fields. But I didn’t care: I learned to dance and dance because it was impossible for me not to do it, it was impossible for me to think I was elsewhere, not to feel the earth transforming under my feet plants, impossible not to get lost in music, impossible not not to get lost in music using my eyes to look in the mirror, to try new steps.

Everyday I woke up thinking about the moment I would put my feet inside my slippers and do everything by tasting that moment. And when I was there, with the smell of camphor, wood, tights, I was an eagle on the rooftop of the world, I was the poet among poets, I was everywhere and I was everything.

I remember a ballerina Elèna Vadislowa, rich family, well taken care of, beautiful. She wanted to dance as much as I did, but later I realized it wasn’t like that. She danced for all the auditions, for the end of the course show, for the teachers watching her, to pay tribute to her beauty.

Two years prepared for the Djenko contest. The expectations were all about her. Two years she sacrificed part of his life. She didn’t win the contest. She stopped dancing, forever. She didn’t resist. That was the difference between me and her.

I used to dance because it was my creed, my need, my words that I didn’t speak, my struggle, my poverty, my crying. I used to dance because only there my being broke the limits of my social condition, my shyness, my shame. I used to dance and I was with the universe on my hands, and while I was at school, I was studying, arraising the fields at six am, my mind endured because it was drunk with my body capturing the air.

I was poor, and they paraded in front of me guys performing for pageants, they had new clothes, they made trips. I didn’t suffer from it, my suffering would have been stopping me from entering the hall and feeling my sweat coming out of the pores of my face. My suffering would have been not being there, not being there, surrounded by that poetry that only the sublimation of art can give. I was a painter, poet, sculptor.

The first dancer of the year-end show got hurt. I was the only one who knew every move because I sucked, quietly every step. They made me wear his new, shiny clothes and dictated me after thirteen years, the responsibility to demonstrate. Nothing was different in those moments I danced on stage, I was like in the hall with my clothes off. I was and I used to perform, but it was dancing that I cared.

The applause reached me far away. Behind the scenes, all I wanted was to take off the uncomfortable tights, but everyone’s compliments and I had to wait. My sleep wasn’t different from other nights. I had danced and whoever was watching me was just a cloud far away on the horizon.

From that moment my life changed, but not my passion and need to dance. I kept helping my dad in the fields even though my name was on everyone’s mouth. I became one of the brightest stars in dance.

Now I know I’m going to die, because this disease doesn’t forgive, and my body is trapped in a pram, blood doesn’t circulate, I lose weight. But the only thing that goes with me is my dance my freedom to be.

I’m here, but I dance with my mind, fly beyond my words and my pain. I dance my being with the wealth I know I have and will follow me everywhere: that I have given myself the chance to exist above effort and have learned that if you experience tiredness and effort dancing, what if you dance sits for effort, if we pity our bleeding feet, if we chase only the aim and don’t understand the full and unique pleasure of moving, we don’t understand the deep essence of life, where the meaning is in its becoming and not in appearing.

Every man should dance, for life. Not being a dancer, but dancing.

Who will never know the pleasure of walking into a hall with wooden bars and mirrors, who stops because they don’t get results, who always needs stimulus to love or live, hasn’t entered the depths of life, and will abandon every time life won’t give him what he wants.

It’s the law of love: you love because you feel the need to do it, not to get something or to be reciprocated, otherwise you’re destined for unhappiness.

I’m dying, and I thank God for giving me a body to dance so that I wouldn’t waste a moment of the wonderful gift of life.”

Protect Children

The Victorian Mental Health Act is under review and it currently allows for children to be electroshocked, restrained, secluded and forcibly drugged without the need for any parental consent. This law removes parental and patient rights and it is proposed that when drafted, the bill will not released to the public for input and is instead sent straight to Parliament for voting on.

he Victorian Mental Health Act is under review and it currently allows for children to be electroshocked, restrained, secluded and forcibly drugged without the need for any parental consent. This law removes parental and patient rights and it is proposed that when drafted, the bill will not released to the public for input and is instead sent straight to Parliament for voting on.

Electroshock (ECT) is the application of hundreds of volts of electricity to the head to induce a grand mal seizure, (convulsion). It can cause brain damage, memory loss and even death.

So torturous is ECT that one Australian woman forced to undergo electroshock, close to 100 times against her will, said she has had security guards wheel her down to the treatment room holding her down so she didn’t escape. “I felt like I was being wheeled down to the gas chamber really,” she said. She would even eat from stashed food to avoid the general anaesthetic and when staff found her food, she resorted to eating grass to avoid the electroshock.

16 years ago, the World Health Organisation stated, “There are no indications for the use of ECT on minors, and hence this should be prohibited through legislation.”

Despite this clear directive, the current Victorian Mental Health Act still allows children under 18 to be able to consent to electroshock if deemed to have the “capacity to give informed consent.”
Children under 18 are not allowed to drink, drive unsupervised or vote, but they can choose such drastic treatment. And worse still, parental approval is not needed at any stage, including when the case goes before the Mental Health Tribunal for final approval. Electroshock can also be given to involuntarily detained children, again without any parental consent.

Instead of banning restraint, it is proposed to phase it out within 10 years. Former Austin Hospital Director of Mental Health Dr. Richard Newton, said he would estimate one death each year in Victoria in circumstances involving restraint, forced sedation and seclusion. There were a staggering 170 episodes of bodily restraint (mechanical and physical) on children aged 0-12 in 2019/20.

CCHR has written the enclosed Fact Sheet on the key problem area and there is further information on our website: cchr

Submissions (feedback) close on 1 August 2021. Please as a matter of urgency, help protect our children by sending a submission to In your submission you need to say that you are commenting on “Treatment, care and support.” Please demand the draft law is made available for public comment in your submission.

Please also let your colleagues and others know so they too can take action. Thank you for all you are doing to protect our children.

Kind Regards
Kim Cullen

Citizens Committee on Human Rights Victoria

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