8 Fights Worth Having With Your Children


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Copied from David Morris on Twitter.
Photography by Rebekah Melancon.

Saw this somewhere and it was immensely helpful and challenging.

Parenting is hard. Parents have to choose their battles. Here are 8 fights worth picking with your kids:

The Reading Fight:
Make your kids read. Because reading is tied to everything from cognitive development to the ability to focus. Make your kids read now.

The Outside Fight:
Make your kids go outside. The natural world teaches us things. Plus, outside there’s sunshine, fresh air, and exercise waiting for them. Most importantly, nature is full of things in short supply in our world: Discovery, wonder, peace, joy.

The Work Fight:
Make your kids work. I’m saddened by how many parents don’t require their kids to lift a finger at home. There are priceless life principles you can only learn with a mop in your hand. Let sweat be their teacher.

The Meal Fight:
Make your kids eat as a family. Our lives are a blur of incessant activity. Meals together are a physical pause to recover a truth so easily sacrificed at the altar of busyness. Nothing’s more important than family.

The Boredom Fight:
Make your kids live with boredom. Don’t show a DVD on each car ride. Kids need unscheduled time. And, odd as it sounds, boredom is a skill. It’s hard as a parent to deal with the assault of boredom complaints. But if you give in and fill up their time with external stimuli, you’ll raise an activity addict. Make them learn how to be.

The “Me First” Fight:
Make your kids go last. Not every time for everything. But enough to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Take the smallest piece. Give up the remote. Do someone else’s chores. Get their least favorite choice. They won’t like it, but they need it.

The Awkward Conversation Fight:
Make your kids have uncomfortable conversations with you. Sex, dating, body image, values…Your kids will roll their eyes and resist. You will stumble and stutter. They need and want your perspective, lessons learned, and wisdom.

The Limitation Fight:
Learning to live within limits is a valuable life skill. In fact, many adult problems arise from an inability to accept them. Screen time limits, dietary limits, activity limits, and schedule limits are all good.

As a parent, you have to pick your battles. They’re not easy, but they’re worth the fight.

Nothing Is Normal

Nothing Is Normal

It IS true that everybody is unique but it is NOT true that nobody is OK.

There is a scale of almost infinite graduations from rock bottom to the stars and we are all on it. AND we change position on it. Sometimes by the minute.

IMHO the first attitude to have is that you want to improve your position on the scale.

The second is that there are laws and rules and truths to be known and we need to learn AND APPLY them to move up on the scale.

The third is to recognise is that the above process will not be easy. There will be tough times. Unimaginably tough times.

There will be obstacles that seem insurmountable until you overcome them.

There will be trials that test your patience and resolve until you pass them.

There will be distractions galore away from which you will need to discipline yourself.

There will be things in your past you find difficult to confront, for it was the lack of confronting them then got you to where you are today.

But as you walk the path to enlightenment and truth, things get easier, they get better, your relationships iron out, you become more at cause over your work and life, you are more productive and feel happier.

This I tell you honestly from personal experience. And I wish for you what I have gained for me.

The Wisdom Of Adversity

The Wisdom Of Adversity

Behind every bad condition will be found a psychiatrist.

In 1947 the then president of the World Federation of Mental Health, Brock Chisholm, said, “The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all Psychotherapy.”

Chisholm further stated that if they were to be successful they needed to infiltrate the professions to introduce their ideas (more correctly called “insanities”) there.

This year is the 76th anniversary of his speech. Looking around at the average intelligence level, morality, ethics and consequent problems with crime, drugs, sexual perversions etc. I’d say the psychiatrists were remarkably successful!

If we as parents and teachers do not instill in our children respect for one another, tolerance for differences, that there is right and wrong, the difference between right and wrong, that actions have consequences and that regardless of what has happened in the past one has the ultimate responsibility for the actions one takes in the present, then we are, by our neglect, cocreating a society where psychiatry’s evil intentions are widely manifest, as is happening at present.

To those interested in knowing from whence came this insanity here are a few articles you might find of interest.

Psychiatry Is NOT Your Friend!

The Collapse Of Civilization

And this to help you move forward:
To Your Success

Grade Point Avg By Cannabis Use


Grade Point Avg By Cannabis Use

Karen Hadley writes: I found this chart in my research. You can see that a person who uses marijuana daily (green bar all the way to the right) will typically have significantly lower grades than a person who does not (green bar all the way to the left). Therefore it follows that if you want to be a success in school and in life, leave the pot alone. That’s the simple fact, summed up in this one chart.

Destroy the Family and you Destroy Civilization

A Woman Is Defined By Biology

The UN is about to convene the 67th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) from March 6th to 17th, and the call to fight back against their proposed radical agenda is more crucial than ever before.

The UN is outright against us … because we are preaching the truth! They know that what we say is right … that there exists no right to end an innocent life, that boys cannot be girls and girls cannot be boys, that men and women are defined by their biology and not a made-up ideology … all these things that so lividly offend the radical leftist institutions.

So what do they do? They try to ban us, silence us, censor us, and have even called us terrorists!

They have been conspiring to try and make sure the only narrative heard is the one that supports limitless abortions and propagates radical LGBT propaganda.

We are about to face a momentous battle. And that’s why we need your help in this upcoming operational fight from within.

This month, the UN is about to convene the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), and the call to fight back against their radicalism and attacks on the traditional family and life is more crucial than ever before.

In the draft of the negotiation document that we have been thoroughly assessing at CitizenGO, the Commission, in reference to conclusions that were not formally adopted as binding commitments like the Beijing Declaration, the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), and other summits, suggests that abortion, sexualization of children, gender ideology are all things that should be inherently promoted.

The UN aims to advance so-called “Comprehensive Sexuality Education,” or CSE, which focuses on indoctrinating children with explicit and immoral content, including explicit sexualization, LGBT propaganda, and lies about what defines a man and a woman.

Amongst many things, CSE even endorses practices such as promiscuity, teaching masturbation to 4-year-old children, and abnormal acts, as well as early sexual initiation that are harmful to children and youth.

From the age of four, the guidance proposes teaching children that gender is a social construct and teaching them to “appreciate their own gender identity and demonstrate respect for the gender identity of others” from the age of nine.

Included also in the objectives of the CSE is teaching children about various types of “non-traditional families” and a heavy emphasis on LGBT rights. UNESCO unashamedly touts its approach as “evidence-informed.”

The pro-family voice is being battered, and it is time we stand up for it!

Sign this petition asking the diplomats, government delegates, and all negotiators at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to scrap the paragraphs that recognize abortion as a right and push for ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’ (CSE).


On Marriage

Anthony Peluso wrote this and I thought it worth sharing with you…

There was a time when marriage was the most furthest thing from my mind. I could never see myself making this type of commitment. To me, it symbolised slowing down, compromising, getting comfortable, small thinking and giving up on those dreams I had as a kid. I couldn’t stay in a relationship for longer than a year or two as my appetite for life was a little too overwhelming for those around me.

Then I met this girl.

I walk into the office elevator on my first day. We both look at each other, smile and then … complete silence. That awkward few minutes where you’re the only ones in the elevator and I suddenly lose the ability to speak or move. I actually thought I was having a stroke, either that or my Jim Carrey moment, not sure which.

That’s when I first learnt the power of a smile.

That’s also the first time I experienced communication … without a word being spoken.

Fast forward 2023 and here we stand, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

So what have I learnt in 25 years (and still learning)?

1. Marriage, with “the one” is the most fulfilling and most beautiful commitment.

2. Love can be overrated, but mostly misunderstood.

3. If ALL you have is love, you don’t have much (sorry Lennon/McCartney but you need a little more).

4. Admiration and Understanding are the bedrock and cornerstone of any great relationship.

5. Nothing moves you forward in the same direction as having your goals, purpose and mission … all aligned.

6. Trying to change your partner is simply a waste of time.

7. Changing you and becoming the best version of you is the greatest investment of time and money.

8. There’s no perfect marriage or relationship. Sometimes it’s a roller coaster and sometimes it’s a merry go round.

9. Kindness and affection are karma and also open every door.

10. Your partner can never make you happy. Only you hold the cards to this.

11. Distractions and temptations are an indication your purpose in life isn’t big enough.

12. Continuing to create the marriage and putting a future there is the greatest act of love.

13. The more people you can help together and cause an effect on, the greater the victory and reward for you both.

14. If a relationship robs either one of you of your potential, you’re with the wrong person.

15. Learn to look more and than you listen.

16. What you don’t say can cause more damage than what you do say.

17. Pay attention to who is around you when problems don’t seem to resolve.

18. Risks are always better than regrets.

19. Mistakes are inevitable. We’re humans being.

20. Paying attention and giving acknowledgements to your partner keeps you both in present time.

21. Never take your partner for granted. Wake up everyday like it’s day number one.

22. Always be willing to see the other persons view point and stand in their shoes.

23. There is no “marriage is 50/50”. It’s either 100% each or it’s zero.

24. No matter how great the relationship is, there is always a level above.

25. Communication to a relationship is what oxygen is to a body. You’ll soon enough die without it.

26. Hate is a wasted emotion. To love in spite of all is what got us to 25 years.

To my amazing Lisa-Marie,

I’ve been saying “I Do” for 25 years and kinda like the sound of that for another 25.

You’ve always been the better part of me.

You’ve been my greatest supporter, my greatest inspiration and my greatest love story.

If I wrote a book, you’d be in every line.

You’re my everything!

Thank you for being “the one” and getting in that elevator with me all those years ago.