Timely Quote from Walt Disney

As I see it, a person’s culture represents his appraisal of the things that make up his life. And a fellow becomes cultured, I believe, by selecting that which is fine and beautiful in life and throwing aside that which is mediocre or phony. Sort of a series of free, very personal choices, you might say. If this is true, then I think it follows that “freedom” is the most precious word to culture. Freedom to believe what you choose and read, think and say and be with what you choose. In America, we are guaranteed these freedoms. It is the constitutional privilege of every American to become cultured or to grow up like Donald Duck. I believe that this spiritual and intellectual freedom which we Americans enjoy is our greatest cultural blessing. Therefore, it seems to me, that the fist duty of culture is to defend freedom and resist all tyranny. – Walt Disney

What The Turtle Ate

What The Turtle AteDr Kathy Townsend from Turtles in Trouble with the debris extracted from a coastal sub-adult flat back turtle in Moreton Bay. Much of this was plastic bag remnants.
We are destroying all life on the planet!
We need to do more, faster to revert this scene.
Join the Plastic Pollution Revolution and help stop plastics entering our waterways.
I walk the park with my two dogs morning and night. Whenever I see a plastic bottle, coffee cup, burger, candy or fries wrapper I pick it up and put it in a bin.
I have been told I am an embarrassment, that it should be left to other people whose job it is to clean up rubbish.
I guess my priorities lie with the turtles rather than not being an embarrassment to some people. I am sure the turtles would not be embarrassed if they saw me picking up rubbish.

Google Tolls the Death Knell for Web Directories

The latest heavy-handed, brutish attack on web directories and those who choose to use to them is both petty and spiteful. It’s unworthy of Google, and is bound to have far-reaching consequences. It’s also totally unnecessary, as an equitable outcome could have been achieved by quietly ignoring any perceived low-value links to websites. Deliberately devaluing websites because of links that Google arbitrarily decides are of low value is overkill. It takes no account of several aspects:

Bill HR748 National Service

Bill HR748 National ServiceOne of the single most destructive things you can do to the youth of a nation is to cause them to put their future on hold to perform compulsory military service.
But the powers that be would not do that on purpose… …would they?

Raw Foods and Enzymes

Raw Foods and Enzymes
One of the reasons pancreatic cancer is so deadly so quickly is that the pancreas is the organ responsible for secreting enzymes that control over 5,000 chemical reactions in the body. INCLUDING the chemicals that fight cancer.
A doctor found that if you eat more than 50% of your food cooked, the body starts to manufacture antibodies against it, like the food is an invader.
Cooking destroys enzymes.