The 12 Pillars of Good Health

Essentially what I am endeavouring to do with my special report on how to live the healthiest life is gather the most important datums on health that exist (and are constantly being discovered) and as much as I can, categorise, compile and present the data in such a fashion as to resolve data conflicts with minimal bias. That bias (like that I have against drug treatments where natural ones exist) I am totally up front about.
My research has highlighted 12 major factors that make a huge difference to the health of your body and the quality and length of your life. They are:
Properly Inhaled, Clean Air
Adequate Sleep
Adequate Hydration
Optimal Diet For Your Body
Optimal Exposure to Sun
Physical Fitness
Zero Toxin Intake
Spiritual Awareness
Working On Your Personal Purpose Line
Continuous Improvement Philosophy
Zero Stress
Having 5 or More Close Personal Friends