My Blood Test Results

I plan on doing a serious detox at Christmas.
I do one every 30 years whether I need it or not. LOL
Beforehand, I had to get a medical check, including blood test.
Got the results last night.
Nearly every marker was within range.
B12 was a bit high. Can leave off the B12 supplements for a while.
Fasting blood sugar was 5, a bit higher than it has been.
Now that I am making my own chocolate that will come down.
CRP (C-Reactie Protein – a key inflammation marker) was 1.7.
Still well within range (range is 0.0 to 5) but it is up from .4 three years ago.
That will also come down with my own chocolate without sugar in it.
Thought I’d share them with you to illustrate that what I am doing with my diet, exercise etc. that I have documented in my book, “How to Live the Healthiest Life” appears to be statistically validated. At least in my case. Becasue I don’t just talk the talk, I am walking the walk.
And I do like testing and measuring. Nothing like a well crafted, objective measurement to test the validity or otherwise of a hypothesis.
It validates the feedback I receive each week from my lovely clients who tell me how much better they feel, how much more energy they have, as a result of eating my bars and slices and taking my nutrition powders.
Do you get a blood test every so often to see how well your body is doing with your diet and lifestyle?
If not, may I commend the practice to you? It is easiest to prevent and a easier to correct something only a little wrong rather than something a lot wrong.
But if you eat my food bars, slices and powders you already know that.

Prepare And Prevent

Prepare And Prevent
October is Safety Month. I am receiving a daily email with a catchy, safety related slogan on it. This was yesterday’s. The thought occurred to me of how relevant it is to eating a broader range of nutrients to keep the body properly nourished. The tragedy is that it takes so long to see many of the destructive effects of a modern diet and lifestyle that most people are set like concrete in their ways before the damage is done and hard/impossible to reverse.

pH Balance

Went researching some of the labels on the blood test results and came across this interesting article (and comments, always gotta read the comments).
I know I sell a greens powder so should be promoting the hell out of alkalising foods. But even if it does not suit my sales efforts, I believe that promoting truth is more important. This is an interesting read on the subject of acid versus alkaline foods.

Facebook Fraud

If you have a business, this video has some seriously interesting data on Facebook Likes.
Grand Parent House Rules
Compared to this sign, we’re doing it mostly wrong!
We treat our grand kids pretty much the same as we treated our kids.
Holy crapoly! Doesn’t that mean our grand kids will turn out like our kids?
I certainly hope so. We have fabulous adults from our children!
Despite our parenting mistakes!