Wise Words From Oren Lyons, a Native American Elder

Oren Lyons, a Native American Elder and one of the Onondaga Council of Chiefs, was talking to a group of CEOs about sustainability. One said his hands were tied, he had to turn a profit for his shareholders otherwise he would be sacked.
Oren established that the CEO was a father and grandfather then asked him when he ceased being the CEO and started becoming a grandfather. There was a heavy silence.
Oren made the point, “If you don’t have a moral question in your governing process you don’t have a process that’s gonna survive.”
Oren then said, “You must have a moral society or you won’t have any.”
On the point of no return past which there will no longer be the capability of reversing the destruction of the planet, he said he does not believe we are there yet, but, “Every day that you don’t do what’s right is a day you’ve lost an option. And you’re losing your options every day.”
There are 5 videos starting with this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7cylfQtkDg