COVID: Why did mega-corporations accept the lockdowns?


by Jon Rappoport

January 24, 2022

Over the past 38 years working as a reporter, I’ve spoken with many medical people. Doctors, researchers, public health bureaucrats, business executives whose companies supply products to the medical industry, professors, etc.

In every case, these people completely and utterly support conventional medical reality. They are unshakable. A man like Fauci says jump and they jump. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.

As you read on, you’ll see why this is important…

Airlines, hotel chains—you name it, they all folded when the lockdowns were imposed. They closed up shop, they took a knee, they opted for bailouts. Why?

The CEOs of these corporations are supposed to be hard chargers and ruthless operators. Why didn’t they rebel?

I could cite several reasons. Here I want to focus on a little-known and staggering story.

Imagine an employee of a company is motivated to speak out against the lockdowns and go public. Then he thinks about the owner of the company. That owner happens to sit on the board of a large hospital.

Uh oh. That owner is SOLIDLY WIRED into official medical reality. He isn’t going to appreciate a naysayer who says the lockdowns are a ridiculous and destructive overreach. Better to stay quiet. Better to fit in and go along.

Well, it so happens that three of the most powerful corporate bosses in America DO have deep connections to major hospitals, and these three men run corporations that OWN CORPORATE AMERICA.


The three men are Larry Fink, Joseph Hooley, and Mortimer Buckley.

Buckley is the CEO of the Vanguard Group. Hooley is the CEO of State Street. Fink is the CEO of BlackRock.

These three companies are titanic investment funds. Financial services companies.

Buckley is a board member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. From 2011 to 2017, he was chairman of the hospital’s board of trustees.

Hooley serves on the president’s council of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Fink is the co-chair of the NYU Langone Medical Center board of trustees.

Let’s look at their investment funds: State Street, BlackRock, and Vanguard—known as The Big Three. The reference is an article at, “These three firms own corporate America,” 5/19/17, by Jan Fichtner, Eelke Heemskerk, and Javier Garcia-Bernardo.

“Together, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have nearly US$11 trillion in assets under management.”

“We found that the Big Three, taken together, have become the largest shareholder in 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States.”

“In 2015, these 1,600 American firms [the 40%] had combined revenues of about US$9.1 trillion, a market capitalisation of more than US$17 trillion, and employed more than 23.5 million people.”

“In the S&P 500 – the benchmark index of America’s largest corporations – the situation is even more extreme. Together, the Big Three are the largest single shareholder in almost 90% of S&P 500 firms, including Apple, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Coca-Cola.”

“What is undeniable is that the Big Three do exert the voting rights attached to these shares. Therefore, they have to be perceived as de facto owners by corporate executives.” (emphasis mine)

“Whether or not they sought to, the Big Three have accumulated extraordinary shareholder power, and they continue to do so…In many respects, the index fund boom is turning BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street into something resembling low-cost public utilities with a quasi-monopolistic position.”

If the CEO of a corporation whose main shareholder is The Big Three thinks about rebelling against the official COVID medical consensus…

And he knows that The Big Three bosses are heavily wired into the US medical complex…

That CEO has a HUGE reason to forget about being an old-time hard charger.

He has a reason to swallow his anger when he’s told to lock down and shut down.

He has a reason to knuckle under and play the game.

He has a reason to surrender to a story about a virus and Fauci and Bill Gates.

He has a reason to stand down and stand aside and watch economic devastation sweep over the land.


It’s that stark.

I keep telling you we’re now living in a medical civilization.

From the financial side of things, you’ve just read how that is so.

The three men who own corporate America are also medical denizens.

Think it through.


Vitamin C Data Snippets

Some Vitamin C data snippets from Dr Keith Scott-Mumby.

We all know the superb benefits of vitamin C: it stops scurvy (Latin: scorbutes, hence a-scorbic acid!) It is needed to make collagen, a fibrous protein in connective tissue that is weaved throughout various systems in the body: nervous, immune, bone, cartilage, blood, and others.

That means it’s good for varicose veins, which need collagen for support!

The vitamin helps make several hormones and chemical messengers used in the brain and nerves, says the Harvard website.1

It is essential to wound healing, as is zinc.

It’s a powerful antioxidant. It gives electrons to substances which have been stripped of electrons, a process called oxidation.

It’s antimicrobial and has saved countless lives in massive doses when used in pneumonia, sepsis (septicemia), childbirth and other overwhelming infection situations.

It has a DEFINITE anti-cancer effect. It can be cytotoxic (kills tumor cells) in concentrations as little as 3 gm per 100.

But did you know vitamin C is needed for maintenance of muscle mass as you grow older? It stops us becoming weaklings as we age! That’s relatively new research.

Vitamin C is good at all sorts of levels, yet orthodox doctors and nutritionist INSIST you don’t need much of it. Well you DO! Goats and other animals need about 12 gms a day, says Mother Nature. We are about the size of a goat and so we NEED 12 – 15 grams too. Whereas the official allowance (RDA) is just a piffling 65 – 100 mgms daily, we actually need 100 times that amount, or more, every day: 10,000 mgms = 10 grams.

That’s a minimum, not a maximum. When we are sick, requirements of vitamin C can go up exponentially. We can administer 100 grams, 200 grams, IV to a seriously ill patient and still no excess vitamin C spills into the urine. That’s a sure sign it was all gobbled up —it was needed.

CDC Death Protocol

CDC Death Protocol

It was about 57 years ago a guy checked out of hospital saying, “Hospitals are no place for sick people.” He checked into a motel and cured himself of Alkalizing Spondylitis by watching comedies for 6 months. Check out Norman Cousin’s Book “Anatomy of an Illness”.

Ivermectin Alternatives

Ivermectin Alternatives

Ivermectin is a very effective prophylactic and curative agent for Covid but it is a drug and all drugs have side effects. The average number of side effects of all drugs is 75, one of which is death. The risk of death from Ivermectin is so much lower than the risk of death or injury from the Covid jabs I would take it any day over the jab.

Here is a useful table showing non-drug alternatives you may wish to discuss with you primary health care professional.

Post Covid Vaccination Protocol

Josh Fielding Posted This On MeWe 25 January 2022

In response to the violation of my consensual rights and human rights via forced participation in an experimental vaccine program.

A program that is ultimately not About a vaccine or vaccines but the acknowledgement of the human rights and consensual rights of we Australian citizens.

Basic premise where a Australian citizen can look at any medical procedure and determine if the risks outweigh the rewards.

Then make a decision based upon the science and what’s best for the individuals personal health.

Vaccine mandates violate this basic premise.

As such as outlined by the Public health act 2016 (wa) stipulates via part 3 page 41.

Corresponding vaccine mandate endangers general public health via;

Extensive psychological trauma; by installing a medical coercion assault on Australian citizens (in violation of international, constitutional, federal, state and local laws). Embracing, condoning bullying, threatening and blackmail tactics against Australian citizens. Thereby rendering all consent null and void.

Extensive physical harm, as stated below this corresponding “Covid-19” vaccine has 15 (including death) known short term side effects with unknown % of risk. As we are required to take at least 4 per year, we are expected to play Russian roulette 15 times per dose or 56 times a year.

Each time risking life-altering injuries or potential death over an otherwise 99%+ survivable virus.

This is before we even get too long term side effects, this is naturally an unacceptable threat to general public health as established by the above law.

Violation of medical laws regarding human/consensual rights on international, constitutional, federal, state and local levels.
These laws were established precisely to avoid numerous drugs and vaccines that caused grave harm to humanity from being forced upon humanity without consent.

Efforts to violate this premise likewise cause grave harm to the general public health and future harm.

In Addition under Public Health Act, 2016 part 12 Division 6 197 Chief Health officer may authorize the use of poisons.

In addition to Australian Constitution under section 51xxiiiA was amended in a referendum in 1946.

Which essentially renders any forced vaccination without the explicit consent of an Australian citizen illegal. As medical coercion renders consent null and void, Public health act 2016 (wa)
is likewise rendered null and void.

While I can sympathize with the intent to save a small but precious faction of human lives. With each life being utterly precious, to do so at the expense of other human lives through the violation of their human rights and consensual rights via an experimental vaccine is unacceptable, immoral, unethical and illegal.

An experimental vaccine by definition;

the full range of short term side effects and % of risk have not been provided. The corresponding 3-year required study was halted after 3 months after 20 people died from the vaccine. As such all data obtained is through continuous experimentation.
As medical coercion renders all consent null and void, the corresponding ongoing medical experimentation is non-consensual and thus illegal.

no long term studies of 15 years have been provided to portray the corresponding long term risks of said vaccines.
Due to the violation of international, constitutional federal, state and local human/ consensual rights laws through medical coercion. It’s likely the corresponding illegal medical experiment could last year’s.

Safety data regarding the vaccines have been sealed for the next 55 years, available in 2077.
Update they have increased this to 75 years as of 23/12/2021.
Update they have been forced to release the full document within 8 months. The preliminary documents have 8 pages worth of injuries listed.
These vaccines are thus entirely experimental, so far the corresponding experiments regarding this vaccine have yielded an unknown % of risk leading to,

Revised 12/01/2022

blood clots

heart damage

heart attack/ stroke


neurological damage






Bell’s palsy





% of risk which ironically violates Occupational Health and Safety aka OHS guidelines. Against taking unnecessary and hazardous risks to one’s health and safety.

Subsequently, Senior First aid likewise stipulates, “to avoid placing one’s self in a position of harm or death via taking unnecessary and dangerous risks”.

As stipulated above playing Russian roulette 56 times a year potentially risking the above, each with an unknown % of risks, via taking an experimental vaccine for essentially 99%+ survivable virus. Violates both provisions

Any vaccine mandate is thus in violation of the following human rights and consensual rights laws.

Section 10(2) of the Human Rights Act 2004 says that: No-one may be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her free consent. Note: The prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment under international law apply at all times and under all circumstances.

Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

Australian Constitution under section 51xxiiiA was amended in a referendum in 1946.

The Nuremberg Code some of the elements of the code are:

a) Voluntary consent is essential

b) Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury

c) No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability

Western Australia consent to treatment policy
Section 2.2 Explicit consent; where a medical professional proposes a higher risk/ more complex treatment, the medical professional must seek the patient’s explicit consent

section 3.5.1 Declining treatment;

If a patient with the capacity to make voluntary and informed decisions declines a treatment. That decision must be respected and the health professional must not proceed with the treatment.

consent to the medical treatment act of 2008

Australian human rights act of 2019

Section 17 of the Human Rights

People must not be tortured. People must also not be treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way. This includes protection from treatment that humiliates a person.

As a law-abiding Australian citizen in relevance to establishing international, constitutional, federal, state and local law regarding my human and consensual rights, against illegal medical coercion forcing me to play Russian roulette 56 times with an experimental vaccine with undetermined % of risk causing potential injury or death.

I respectively decline to be part of an illegal and potentially lethal experiment.

Sincerely Joshua Fielding.

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Nuremberg Code

Informed consent to medical treatment

Australian Constitution under section 51xxiiiA amended in a referendum in 1946

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consent to the medical treatment act of 2008

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