I Had a Realisation

I wish to apologise. I have been dead wrong. I have been telling people that we are in a war for the last 30 years of our lives. The drug companies want us to be taking drugs for an increasing number of incurable diseases and we want to be alert, fit and healthy. While that may be true, it is a very limited statement of the problem. I just realised I’ve totally understated the magnitude of the problem. While I have known about other issues I have phrased the comment around the portion that affects me personally.
It’s not just for the last 30 years of our life. It’s from birth to death.
I forgot about the babies for whom they are making vaccinations that increase the autism rate.
The psychiatric medications for bipolar disorder that are being administered to 12 month olds!
The primary school kids to whom they are marketing speed, sorry, I mean ADHD drugs, for invented conditions.
The psychotropics for made up, voted on “disorders”.
The adults to whom they market anti-depressants that surveys reveal don’t relieve depression.
They also have a range of psychotropics for made up, voted on “disorders” for adults too.
Then they have cholesterol lowering drugs when 75% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels.
Finally we have the seniors to whom they market drugs for Alzheimer’s that actually make the problem worse.
The list covers all age groups.
In the last twelve months several drug companies have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for “off-label” marketing of their drugs. Off-label marketing is where the drug company gets Food and Drug Administration approval to market a drug for instance to adults then promotes to doctors its use for children.
Of course it’s nothing to them when they make billions from the sale of these drugs.
And today’s revelation that Eli Lilly have completed the full circle. They sell rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) that grows cows faster but increases the cancer rate in the people who eat the meat and drink the milk then they sell drugs to prevent and treat the cancer they have helped create.
When you put all the pieces together it’s a mind blowing scene. And it’s been in the making for decades.
I read an article recently wherein 30 years ago the head of the drug company Merck bemoaned the fact that he could only get sick people to take drugs, he actually wanted to get the whole population taking drugs. In an interview with Fortune magazine he wished his company was “more like Wrigley’s chewing gum” and that Merck could make drugs for healthy people so they could “sell to everyone”. From the book, Selling Sickness, by medical journalist Ray Moynihan.
So there you have it. The drug companies are railroading us down the track of being a druggie from cradle to grave.

Eli Lilly is milking cancer. Tell Them to Stop!

Eli Lilly has taken pinkwashing (Pinkwashers are companies that claim to care about breast cancer but make or sell products that are linked to the disease. rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is one of those products) to a whole new level. By adding rBGH to the products they sell, Eli Lilly has completed its cancer profit circle: it creates cancer with rBGH, it sells cancer treatment drugs like Gemzar, and it sells a drug, Evista, to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women at high risk of the disease. Eli Lilly’s cancer drugs made $2,683,000,000 for the company in 2008. It’s potentially carcinogenic dairy hormone made $985,000,000 in the same year. That is over 3.5 Billion dollars! A year! Eli Lilly is milking cancer. http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=2