Indian Pennywort: Increasing Telomere Length and Activating Telomerase Activity

Given the very recent study proving that SARS-CoV-2 and its Spike Protein reduce Telomere length, I found it necessary to search for effective, natural therapeutics to ameliorate this condition. After much searching, Nature does, indeed, provide such a therapeutic. It is in the form of an herb known as Centella asiatica, or, Indian Pennywort aka Gotu Kola.

Centella asiatica (CA) is a very important medicinal herb used in the orient[4], which is also becoming popular in the West[5]. Commonly known as mandukparni or Indian pennywort or jalbrahmi, it has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years and listed in the historic ‘Sushruta Samhita’, an ancient Indian medical text[6,7]. The herb is also used by the people of Java and other Indonesian islands. In China, known as gotu kola, it is one of the reported “miracle elixirs of life” known over 2000 years ago.

How can millions of people, all exhibiting signs of COVID have whole genome sequences that match the SARS-CoV-2 reference genome if viruses don’t exist?

Millions of people with COVID symptoms were independently swabbed and sequenced using whole genome sequencing (WGS) technology. WGS uses random primers to extract genetic sequences from samples.

Each lab is given a sample from an infected person and asked to identify any novel pathogen that has not been seen before using only the data in the sample.

In over 100 countries, the genome sequences (which are nearly 30,000 nucleotides long) came back that were virtually identical.

This can’t happen by chance. AFAIK, there is only one way it can happen: the same base pathogen is infecting people all over the world.

AFAIK, nothing in science (except gravity) has been more widely independently replicated all over the world than the SARS-CoV-2 viral sequence.

So if viruses don’t exist, how would you explain this?

And, if it wasn’t a virus that was sequenced, then what exactly was sequenced?

And why has the SARS-CoV-2 genomic sequence never been publicly seen before in human history until 2019?

The furin cleavage site (FCS) and the 2016 Moderna patent

The hypothesis that the virus was engineered in a lab fits the observation.

Consider for example, the very unusual 19-nucleotide “furin cleavage site” sequence sitting between the S1 and S2 proteins. AFAIK, this particular 19-nucleotide sequence is not found in nature nor can any of the experts I talked to explain how it could evolve naturally.

But this unusual sequence is found in a Moderna patent (US Patent No. 9587057) filed in 2016.

How does Moderna explain that? They said they’d check into it in 2021, but that was years ago and we never heard back. I guess they are still checking!

How did that sequence make its way into people everywhere in the world so quickly?

A virus could do that.

Is there another explanation that is more likely? Or even a possibility?

See this article for a more in-depth discussion. Others strongly disagree and are convinced this was human engineered.

Quantitative PCR

Viruses replicate.

Does SARS-CoV-2 replicate? Yes.

How do we know that?

Because we can use qPCR and track viral load over time in someone who is infected. This viral load increases by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude in infected people, and then drops off after the virus is cleared.

If there is no virus, how do we explain the shape over time of the qPCR results?

It can be explained by foreign (i.e., non-host) genetic material that is capable, either on its own or with the help of a host cell, of replication. A virus explanation fits the observation. And we know it isn’t a bacteria or parasite because we’d be able to see that easily.

So is there a new pathogen that replicates that nobody in human history has discovered yet? That seems very unlikely.


Antibodies are created when foreign antigens (such as foreign proteins) enter our bodies.

A virus can cause antibodies to be created and we can measure that.

If it isn’t a virus but is simply a reaction to external stress, then why are antibodies being created?

Viral similarity

The genomic sequence that all these labs discovered is most similar to a bat coronavirus.

If a bat coronavirus isn’t a virus either, then what is it?

What exactly were they working on in the Wuhan Institute of Virology for the past decade?

… and why wasn’t anyone let in to examine the records if they weren’t hiding anything?

Barnstable County

See the study here. Basically, over 1,000 healthy people congregated, and 469 then developed COVID. They gene sequenced 133 patients, and 90% had the delta variant which was the popular variant at the time.

Virology explains this. It spread between people who were congregating in close quarters, exactly as we’d expect a virus to spread.

What’s the better explanation?

Other viruses: what are they and why do they match their associated diseases?

If viruses don’t exist, then how can the estimated tens of thousands of viruses which have been sequenced be so aligned with the symptomatic patients who have the associated disease?

I never found out the answer to any of these questions.

The measles virus

The measles virus is one of the most infectious viruses known to man. An infected person can spread the virus to up to nine out of ten susceptible people who are close contacts.

So we know for a fact that the rate of infectivity depends on the genetic sequence of the virus.

If it isn’t a virus, then what causes measles to jump so quickly from an infected person to an uninfected person and why is the infectivity dependent on the genetic sequence?

And we can genomically sequence people before they get infected, and then after they get infected, showing the only difference is the presence of the virus.

Is there any evidence that something else was found to be causing this?

Science is about using all available evidence

There was an excellent article written by Norman Doidge in 2020 entitled “Medicine’s Fundamentalists.” It points out that scientists should be using “all available evidence” and not be limited to only that data collected in carefully controlled experiments using the “scientific method.” This is why I disagreed with Dr. Kaufman at the start of the conversation.

If you look at the definition of science, you find it is:

“The systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.”

There is no limitation as to what constitutes evidence that can be considered in a scientific hypothesis.

If your hypothesis is correct, all the data should be explainable.

An apology

I apologize for getting frustrated during the interview. I am very passionate about this topic.

Is there an alternative hypothesis that matches all the observations above?

I’m not aware of any other explanation other than SARS-CoV-2 is a virus.

If there is a better explanation, please answer in the comments.

That’s the important thing to focus on here.

It is not who won or lost the debate.

It is: “What does the data indicate?”

Discussion On mRNA Vaccines

Important statement from Dr. Joseph Fraiman, physician and clinical scientist. Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults

Healing Is Voltage

Dr Jerry Tennant

Conversation with Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.D

In this episode, I speak with world renown Dr. Jerry Tennant. We discuss his journey of healing himself from a life-threatening illness by discovering how to regenerate cellular voltage.

I have studied his work and used his products for the past 6 years in my office with exceptional success for my patients and quoted his brilliant research and books in my own book Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity. I consider his Restore Nutritional formula the best and most comprehensive in the world, I use it myself and recommend it to my patients.

In this time where self-assembly nanotechnology transforms the blood and hijacks our electrical life force, Dr Tennant explains how the polarity flip of cellular voltage causes blood changes, chronic fatigue and all diseases of aging, the very premise that I have worked to explain to people. He discusses how to use the biomodulator to reset the autonomic nervous system and the scalar wave biotransducer to flip the polarity of the cellular batteries so they can hold a charge. He also discusses Bohr effect which is the relationship between oxygen transport and pH – and the inability to give of oxygen to the tissues even if the pulse oximeter shows normal oxygen levels. This is how doctors misunderstand physiology and miss the main cause for chronic fatigue and illness! You do not want to miss this conversation.

Dr Tennant – Genius, scholar, inventor, humanitarian, innovator, healer, teacher, entrepreneur, historian — these are just a few of the terms that describe Dr. Jerry Tennant whose remarkable life, dedicated to healing and innovation, has changed the paradigm of western medicine.

Over the course of his career, he has worked with preeminent doctors across multiple fields. He is one of the few surgeons to be awarded the Corboy Award for Advancements in Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Award, and has taught surgeons around the world to do outpatient eye surgery and was instrumental in getting Congress to pay for this, saving Medicare millions of dollars every year.

However, once a mysterious case of chronic illness forced Dr. Tennant to retire, he was forced to move into a different area of medicine. Despite needing over 16 hours of sleep a day, Dr. Tennant discovered that cellular voltage was the key to recovery. By balancing his cell voltage, he was able to recover on his own.

Now, Dr. Tennant shares his low voltage insights as a world-renowned speaker and has codified the treatment process through his professional protocol.

Watch here:

Microplastics in Human Blood: Polymer Types, Concentrations and Characterization Using μFTIR

(The instrument, the micro Fourier Transform Interferometer (μFTIR), permits the acquisition of infrared spectra of natural surfaces.)

This new study of polymer microplastics in 20 healthy donors confirms exactly my findings and those of live blood practitioners around the world. 90% of individuals had these polymers in the blood. I have been saying that everyone is contaminated. I have not seen clean blood in a long time. The particle sizes were enormous – just as we are seeing. The polymer identification is consistent with our near infrared spectroscopy. Additional unmentioned sources – and the most important ones – of this polymer plastic contamination of the blood is the self spreading C19 bioweapon and the geoengineering warfare.

Check out methylene blue for handling this!

Dr. Clare Craig: It’s clear the covid vaccines are unsafe

Mechanisms Of Systemic Harm

Dr. Clare Craig gave her testimony to the UK People’s Vaccine Inquiry.  She testified that the covid injections were both unsafe and ineffective.  Reviewing data from Pfizer’s trial, the ONS, ambulance callouts and long-term sickness she demonstrated that to use the word “safe” to describe covid vaccines is a lie.

Dr. Clare Craig submitted her witness statement in her capacity as the co-chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), as well as a qualified doctor and diagnostic pathologist. You can read her comprehensive 102-page witness statement HERE.  In the video below she gave her oral testimony.

Dr McCormick Interviews Fauci

Dr McCormick Interviews Fauci

Fauci talking about how to coerce people into getting a Covid jab: “when you make it difficult for people in their lives they lost their ideological bullshit”.

Law Professor Who Wrote 1989 Biological Weapons/Antiterrorism Act Provides Affidavit That COVID 19 Shots Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

One of the world’s leading legal experts on biological weapons believes the COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons.

Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act, which passed both houses of Congress unanimously, provided an affidavit stating that Covid 19 injections and mRNA nanoparticle injections violate the law he wrote.

Dr. Boyle asserted that ‘COVID 19 injections’, ‘COVID 19 nanoparticle injections’, and ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ are biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction and violate Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla. Stat. (2023).