Is pink mould harmful?

Pink Mold

With all the rain the eastern states have been having lately, it is not surprising that mould has made an appearance again. Sometimes it is pink, sometimes green or black – is there any difference between the colours?

Pink mould tends to flourish in the bathroom, especially in shower cubicles, around taps and on or under kiddies’ baths and bath toys. It is more often a bacterium than mould and while it might seem less threatening than black mould, it still needs to be eradicated as soon as it appears.

Green is the most common colour for mould. There are myriad types of mould and many appear green at some point. So when it comes to green mould, the colour won’t tell you much, but chances are that it could be Aspergillus, Penicillium or Cladosporium.

Both pink and green mould can usually be removed from surfaces using a vinegar-water solution.

Like its green cousin, black mould comes in many varieties with not all necessarily dangerous, despite its ugly, threatening appearance. It is most likely to grow in dark, constantly damp conditions, such as after flooding, in walls or under flooring.

But black mould will emit toxic spores, so it is crucial that it be treated with caution; to remove a small patch, wear gloves, mask and protective clothing, and use a strong bleach solution in well-ventilated conditions only. If there is a lot of it, consult a professional to have it removed safely.

How To Remove Gadolinium From Brain And Body Tissue

MRI Scanner

Not enough people who get MRIs with contrast realize what is in contrast dye and how much havoc it can wreak on your body, especially the brain. There used to be a very informative group here on this platform that helped me tremendously when my body reacted to this poisonous substance years ago.

Be REALLY careful with this stuff, friends. Some of us have genetic issues that make our bodies less able to wring out the bad junk from our cells than other people. I’m not a fan at all and always list it as a major allergy so that I’m not given this stuff. But these imaging places love the with/without contrast script because they get to bill for a whole lot more since it’s 2 scans.

More Evidence Showing Vitamin D Combats Cancer

  • Evidence continues to accumulate showing that vitamin D is a strong ally to combat cancer
  • Low vitamin D levels are linked to an increased risk of cancers, while vitamin D can attach to the vitamin D receptor (VDR) in your cells, setting off a series of signals that may affect how they grow, develop and survive
  • Although increasing vitamin D levels may help to reduce cancer deaths, health officials rarely recommend optimizing levels for this purpose
  • Vitamin D targets cancer in multiple ways, including anticancer, antimetastatic and anti-tumorigenic effects
  • The best way to optimize your vitamin D level is via regular sun exposure, which enhances production of melatonin — a potent anticancer agent

Darkfield Microscopy Of Homegrown, Grass Fed Unvaccinated 3 Different Beef Blood Samples Shows Nano/ Microrobots And Polymers. Toxic Geoengineering Seems To Be The Cause.

Blood Sample

This is a continuation of a research project to correlate live blood findings with the blood of the meat consumed. My patient brought 3 different beef samples in, all grass fed, unvaccinated, homegrown. All samples had nanotechnology contamination, presumed to be from geoengineering.

Unfortunately, this is not good news. I live in a community where many people are working to do the best they can to keep their blood clean – by drinking well water, growing their own food and having unvaccinated meat, being aware and taking precautions against C19 bioweapon shedding and additionally cleaning the blood with detoxification methods – as I have documented. We all have to breathe air, as do our animals. The nanotechnology is absorbed by the plants and grass. If the air is poisoned, everything gets poisoned. The original cow with the worst findings that made my patient feel sick ( sample 1) was the oldest, and maybe the self assembly nanotechnology had the greatest time to grow to large polymer structures. At this point, without mitigation strategies, its going to be very challenging to keep the blood in decent condition. I have confirmed these findings multiple times with beef from several different sources as well. I specifically looked at beef that was unvaccinated ( no vaccines whatsoever, not just no mRNA), grass fed and homegrown. In general, people on vegetarian diets seem to have less blood contamination. Intermittent fasting helps. I will be looking at other unvaccinated animal blood soon. Check the other linked articles for how we cleaned the blood from contamination and how the human blood looked while eating the sample 1 beef in the first post. Please share this research, so people are informed.

I have long said, what good is it to ban the poisenous c19 bioweapon if we do not win the fight against geoengineering – for the poisening and fusion with synthetic biology and technology of all life continues via these genocidal weather warfare operations.

I sadly seem to be right.

Doc Malik Interviews Andrew Brigden

UK MP Andrew Bridgen just dropped this bombshell on a stunned Doc Malik: ‘Rishi wants…we are actually at war with Russia now …they just haven’t told you.’ Russia knows it as confirmed to Bridgen by the Russian Ambassador. Rishi has told the globalists he doesn’t want to be ‘a war time Prime Minister’. The plan is to inform the public around July/August.

(Tom: This is something to push back against with all your might! Very well worth while writing or calling your MP to stop this insanity.)