Trust Me

Trust Me

Many decades ago now, after being relieved of some serious coin by a person fond of saying “trust me” I came to the conclusion that the sort of person who says that does so because they are unwilling or unable to show you evidence that what they want you to believe is true.

No recent events have operated to dissuade me from that conclusion. If anything, time, events and others’ experience has validated my conclusion.

Look around and make up your own mind about it. Don’t trust my conclusion, look for yourself.

The current campaign around the Voice is a more than adequate example of Albo saying don’t worry about the details, trust me.

I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

As a matter of fact, having some insight into the details, intent and machinations behind the Voice I would put it in the category of what most politicians do, a sleight of hand, black magic trick.

Same as the last three and a half years of propaganda.
Or, “scientific consensus”. That’s when the majority have been bought.

Ignorance Is The Enemy, Not Carbon!

Ignorance Is The Enemy, Not Carbon!

Tim Miles commented:

Well have you actually noticed that none of the policies enacted in the name of reducing Carbon Emissions are doing that. They are doing the precise opposite. What slight warming we have seen is due to clearing skies since much tighter rules came in on smoke over the past 3 decades.
Here’s one to discuss. As a farmer I see it is getting colder, not warmer, hyping occasional days of hot weather doesn’t change that. A colder world is a drier world, and its one which will support a lot less people. What if Co2 has a minimal warming effect and we are as predicted 50 years ago in fact heading into an ice age.
If that were the case would you really want to tell several billion people living in Northern latitudes that they are going to starve but cannot stampede South because we cannot all suddenly cram into Southern latitudes where the soil simply hasn’t built up yet.
Ice ages both ended and started quite abruptly in contrast to what the media says. I learnt this reading papers for years in the Science Library as a student.

The Danger In The Air – Rainwater Analysis Research by Dr. Geanina Hagima From Romania Shows Magnetic Nanoparticles And Filaments. Comparison To Clifford Carnicom’s Rainwater Analysis


A few weeks ago, my Romanian colleague Dr. Geanina Hagima emailed me regarding her findings of magnetic nanoparticles in rainwater. In this video she showed how she captured rainwater and showed that the particulate matter is magnetic: Magnetic particles in rainwater. This needs to be considered as we know that many people after C19 bioweapon injection have become magnetic. This may also be accelerated by inhaling magnetic smart dust. The laboratory analysis of the rainwater sediment showed Barium, Strontium, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic.