No Warming In 17 Years

No Warming In 17 Years

NOAA replaced its US network of temperature gauges across the lower 48 states in 2005, so it no longer has to adjust readings for older, outdated or badly placed monitors. Since then there has not been any rise in temperatures. This is a devastating blow for the UN climate scam.

It is Cold – And Getting Colder

For the past two decades, the progressive left wing of the united states and the world has been insisting that the globe is warming catastrophically quickly due to human behavior. There is a myriad of hard sources, facts, and figures that disprove this ridiculous claim. Additionally, The Liberty Block published an article in 2021 proving that even the most hardcore progressive elites do not believe the Earth is warming.

Additionally, the simple facts have made it very clear that the world is not getting warmer. In fact, there is evidence that it’s growing colder. And all humans with functioning nervous systems can surely feel this bitter cold. As I write this article while freezing in Concord, New Hampshire, the temperature is 7 degrees below zero with a forecast of 15 below zero later in the night, according to I turned a space heater on high and went to sleep in a small room. When I woke up in the morning long after sunrise, I was sure that it would be warmer. I was wrong. It was bright outside, but the thermometers read -14, close to an all-time record. According to, the average February in NH has a low of 14 degrees. It’s 3 days into the month, and it’s 21 degrees colder than that. The trends in other areas throughout the world tell similar stories.

(Tom: And I have not turned on the aircon this summer here in Oz.)

It’s Not Cricket!

It's Not Cricket!

It actually is a very bad thing. It contains a high proportion of chitin, the hard outside casing of insect bodies, heads, legs, antennae, and wings – which is indigestible to humans. We are not designed to eat it, and it is actually toxic to us, acting as an irritant that causes allergic reactions that can be severe. The food industry has no business including ANY insect parts in its products.

Yet Another Squandering of Our Taxes on the Global Warming/Climate Change Scam

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for a range of portfolios relating to our national interests, including national security, emergency management, counter terrorism policy, cyber security, and so on.

Yet during the recent senate estimates questioning, the head of the Department of Home Affairs noted that the department was now also dealing with the adverse effects of human-induced “climate change”.

Excuse me? Intrigued, this curious assertion led me to ask whether the department seriously considered climate change to be one of its areas of concern.

The response I received confirmed that it did, and that the department considered it to be a fact that climate change is human induced.

Apparently, the science is settled, and the debate is over.

The National Resilience Taskforce, recently established by the department, lists one of its priorities as “identifying and assessing national security climate impacts and risks and developing policies to address critical national security vulnerabilities resulting from or exacerbated by climate change.”

How, exactly, climate change poses a threat to national security, and why the department has reached this conclusion, is unclear, but it appears many of our departments have internalised the United Nations’ Net Zero by 2050 Agenda, which proposes a total revolution of our energy industry.

Shortly after this estimates exchange, the Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen MP took to Twitter to denounce me for “denying that climate change has national security implications.”

Well, some members of the Australian public responded with their thoughts, and they were overwhelmingly unsupportive of the Minister’s finger-wagging. In fact, it may have been one of the greatest (or saddest, depending on how you look at it) Twitter ratios I’ve ever seen.

You can watch my response to that tweet in my own social media video below:

The responses to Bowen’s tweet were very clear: Everyday Australians do not want Labor and the U.N.’s Net Zero Agenda, and they don’t want our Home Affairs Department wasting their time and resources on ”climate change”.

Rather, what they want is the Labor government to address the cost-of-living crisis (being driven by the blind push for renewable energy) which continues to become worse.

Australians want a government which puts Australia’s national interests first rather than the interests of renewables investors. They want leadership with the courage to say what people are really thinking, rather than repeating the left-wing dogma of woke, secular universities and Davos elites.

Climate change is not a national security threat, but the U.N.’s Net Zero Agenda is.

Australia has every reason to be a leader in the global energy market, with our access to clean coal and the largest reserves of uranium on earth, while our carbon emissions are already miniscule.

In the 1970’s, the climate experts at the U.N. were telling us that a global ice age was going to kill us all by the year 2,000. Climate alarmism was nonsense then, as it is now.

We need bold leadership that will call out the lies of the climate alarmists. If the Minister’s Twitter is anything to go by, Australia is craving it.

Your sincerely,

Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia