SARS Covid-19 – The Who, How, What, When, Where and Why

Something you did brought you to the point of reading this article. Maybe it was the lack of logic you saw in the government responses to the ‘Covid Pandemic’ and their imposed rules and regulations – but whatever it was, you’re here. The important thing is that the willingness to look and the courage to face what is really there rather than swallow what you are told, even if by “authorities”, are uncommon abilities and if you have those I respect and admire you for it.

Many of us today are sensing that something is ‘not quite right’ but we can’t quite put our finger on it. When you look critically at the government health advice, distilled to a meme, it does not make any sense at all. It defies all we know about staying well therefore it bothers us.

Government Heath Advice

Not everything we are told is true. You can probably recall something you were told you learned later was a lie. Today, more than ever, with so much data available, often contradictory, it poses problems. Reminds me of the clear thinking question on an English exam I heard of many years back, What happens when an irresistible object meets an immovable force?”

The three possible answers (the force moves the object, the object deflects the force or some combination of those) are impossible according to the data given – the force is irresistible and the object immovable.

The solution is that one or both statements are incorrect, a lie. In fact both statements are wrong as there is no such thing as an absolute in the physical universe.

In the face of data that our senses reject (two bits of contradictory data or something illogical) I have had people tell me their solution is to cut back, reduce awareness so the things that are “not quite right” do not bother them any more. In fact the solution is not less but more knowledge and greater awareness. Only that way you can spot the truth and apply your intelligence to fixing what caused the problem.

So when confronted with things that assault my sensibilities I tend to dive into “data collection” mode, looking for a pattern or rationale, something that would explain what does not make sense. You may have heard the expression, “Follow the money!” or “Who benefits?” They are often fruitful. More on that later.

People who have believed a lie have fragile certainty. They reject data contrary to the lie because they’re afraid of the uncertainty which may follow if the lie is exposed.

When confronted with the truth the automatic reaction of the vast majority of people who have believed lies is to reject the truth, dispute it, to try to find flaws with it or discredit the messenger. The mental anguish that ensues from trying to reconcile contrary data is called “cognitive dissonance”. Being unwilling to reevaluate what one believes to be true leads to fixed, uninspected viewpoints that do not aid but hinder survival. You cannot obtain optimum results from applying incorrect data to resolve problems so it is important, in this case vitally so, to resolve the contrary data on the subject of Covid.

Another problem is thinking that you know all about something. It bars your path to learning in that area. The antidote to that is humility. This quality is essential in reviewing an area or a body of data. A person who wishes to survive optimally must be prepared to look at what is there rather than accept what they’re told, even if by “the best authorities”. (After all, “the best authorities” once endorsed blood letting, slavery, cocaine in Coca Cola, smoking tobacco, Thalidomide, spraying DDT on children and crops etc.) Big breakthroughs occur when we are prepared to be humble, suspend our belief in what we think we know to be true and look newly, honestly at true data.

This can be a major problem in an area where someone is deliberately doing wrong as I have heard and observed that man’s worst ability is to confront evil. The person who cannot confront evil will not see what is there or justify it, find some excuse why it was accidental rather than malicious.

OK, let’s list the commonly held beliefs about the novel coronavirus.

  • What has been called SARS Covid-19 is a natural virus.
  • It escaped from a wet market or lab in Wuhan.
  • It is new, highly infectious and deadly, justifying a pandemic label.
  • It warrants extreme measures to contain and eradicate it.
  • The government are and will do all they can to keep you healthy.
  • The government are acting on the best scientific/medical advice.
  • Masks inhibit the spread of viruses from person to person.
  • Social distancing limits the spread of viruses between people.
  • Lockdowns prevent viral transmission.
  • Get tested! The PCR test can determine if you are infected or not.
  • There are no cures to prevent people dying from Covid-19.
  • There is nothing we can to reduce our risk of infection.
  • It is possible and desirable to eradicate it.
  • Our only hope of doing so is with a vaccine.
  • A large percentage of people vaccinated will give us herd immunity.
  • The various vaccines presently available are safe and effective.
  • The vaccines reduce your chance of getting Covid.
  • The vaccines stop you from transmitting Covid to others.
  • The vaccine will reduce the severity of symptoms if you get Covid.
  • The unvaxed are responsible for the mutating strains of Covid.
  • People who do not wear masks, do not social distance or get the shot endanger others.

OK, that’s a pretty exhaustive list of what the media has been telling us for the last 18 months. If we are going to properly evaluate data to find truth for each point I would ask you to put all of those presently held beliefs about the novel corona virus into the “to be verified” basket and start with a blank slate. To help you accomplish that, here’s a thought that may help you overcome any resistance you feel to doing so:

We Are Experiencing A KGB Operation

Given that those who watch TV have been bombarded, not for 2 but for 18 months, it will take some serious effort to sideline all those fear messages to accept any true datum contrary to the fear messages.

Before we continue, a piece or two of wisdom to set the stage. I have heard that the most important thing you can do for a person is to increase their certainty and I also know we survive best with truth. Lies lead to wrong decisions and poor choices which can be, and often are, deadly!

As an example, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is because what you taught him was true and by him doing what you taught him and seeing that it worked he has certainty on it and lives better for applying it.

The opposite is what the government are doing, making people uncertain of communicating or travelling, going outside, or even living. It is destructive of production, mental and physical health. The only certainty the medical authorities, government and media are giving many is that you are at grave risk of being killed or maimed by Covid. You will soon learn the statistics do not support this lie. And piling lies on top of lies is what reduces our ability to survive.

According to statistics and validated science (not the “settled science” lies from those who wish to stifle dissent), the medical authorities’ and government responses to Covid-19 are grossly disproportionate, incorrect and destructive. In fact, 180 degrees wrong!

The Chinese have a saying “Never let the man saying it can’t be done interrupt the man doing it.” Their medical advisers and the government are saying, “Covid can’t be cured, you need a vaccine.” Well, lets look at some information from various health professionals who are curing it. Not speculating, theorising, opining or hoping about curing it but actually curing it.

Many of these health care practitioners are on the front lines, achieving a 95% or better cure rate of Covid, so they have the runs on the board. Many of the “authorities” whose advice the government are accepting, like Dr Fauci in the US, have not seen a patient in 30 years. If you had Covid, who would you prefer to see? A doctor currently curing patients or an administrator saying that cures doesn’t work and recommending against them?

Now, about these doctors. It takes a lot of personal courage to stand against the crowd and speak the truth against the lies of tyrannical authority. These professionals had the courage to look and see what is there rather than be an obedient servant and accepting what they are told to think. They are doing what works. They are getting results. Personally, I think that’s worth a listen.

Collected from many people highly qualified in their field, what follows is a broad and deep body of evidence to substantiate your suspicions or gut feeling that there is something wrong. In fact, very seriously wrong. (Unfortunately for many, fatally wrong.)

  • The Covid infected suffer the same overall mortality rate as the seasonal flu. The over 70s have a higher death rate, under 70s lower.
  • From 2003 to 2009 the WHO web site contained the description of a pandemic as: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” The ‘enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses’ part of the description was dropped in 2009. How handy for some as it enables a pandemic to be declared without actual evidence of increased deaths.
  • Australian statistics reveal a completely different picture to that portrayed by the media:

No Pandemic

So if there was no difference in the overall mortality rate in 2020 compared to prior years, why the vast change in handling Covid compared to the seasonal flu which has an almost identical mortality rate? Good question! The reason was that Neil Ferguson from the same Imperial College involved in the falsified global warming statistics (Climate Gate scandal) had some (we later learned incredibly unreliable) modelling software that predicted 500,000 UK and 2,200,000 US Covid deaths. Neil has a track record of making these alarmist, wildly inaccurate predictions.

So not only was Ferguson incompetent or malicious but the WHO and various governments were culpable in not checking the accuracy of his previous predictions before buying his alarmist forecasts.

  • Dr Peter Dingle has reviewed the literature and worked out that the death rate is the same as the normal flu for nobody who has comorbidities.Comorbidity Increases Risks

Medical Technocrats Get It 100% Wrong

  • The idea that the governments are acting in our best health interests and on the best medical advice is debunked by Dr Lee Merritt who gave a brilliant lecture: She says of Fauci, Brix et al: “Everything they said was wrong. Now, they were wrong about what they were telling us and they were wrong by errors of omission, not telling us things that we knew to be helpful. And I’m talking about knowing in science for 20 years. So I can give you the benefit of doubt if you’re wrong about one or two things, but when you’re wrong 100% of the time consistently, that’s not by accident. I mean even a blind hog gets to eat corn once in a while.”

The Truth Is Being Suppressed

  • Any fact not in accord with the official agenda is ignored by the authorities and blocked by their technology partners under the guise of censoring disinformation. US Senators speak out on demanding transparency and accountability and decrying the lack of scientific protocols in Dr Anthony Fauci’s recommendations and the suppression of truth and promotion of false stories:
  • This from an ICU nurse is probably the most concentrated, rapid-fire expose of the important medical facts, that there are medical cures for Covid that are safe and effective and being suppressed:

Social Distancing

  • A 28 July 2021 Channel 9 news report: in Australia there has not been a single case of outdoor virus transmission of Covid. Fresh air and sunshine are deadly to viruses as was found during the 1918 Spanish flu.
  • A sunshine and fresh air kill viruses! A lesson from the 1918 influenza pandemic:

Dr Scott Atlas Quotes

Masks Do Not Prevent Transmission Of Viruses & Are Harmful

  • A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis – Here’s What They Found: explains the many images and reports I have seen of increased lung problems and deaths from mask wearers.

    Lockdowns Harm More Than They Help

  • Quarantine is restricting the movement of sick people. Tyranny is restricting the movement of healthy people. When the number of people committing suicide directly attributable to lockdowns greatly exceeds the lives saved, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that lockdowns are tyranny. One pastor had 7 people he knew personally commit suicide when the number of people in the whole of Australia who had died from Covid was less than that. More here:

The PCR Test Was Not Created To & Cannot Determine Infection

  • The Entire Basis For The Lockdowns Is A Lie! Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, said “…these PCR tests cannot detect free infectious viruses at all.” That’s why a paw paw and goat can test positive.
  • The Azores Regional Health Authority quarantined 4 German tourists because one tested positive for Covid. The tourists took the Portuguese government to court claiming the test was unable to tell if they had Covid or not. The tourists won their case on the evidence presented.
  • 21 July 2021 the CDC withdrew emergency use authorisation for the PCR test for detecting Covid as it cannot distinguish between Covid and the normal flu. It was designed to test a cold! Page 40 para 2: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2)” MN908947.2 is a cold.
  • According to a recorded phone conversation I heard, the lab doing the PCR tests for the NSW Health Dept can’t distinguish the Delta variant.

Question: If the PCR test cannot distinguish between Covid and the flu or detect the Delta variant, from where do the government get the numbers they quote? If your answer was “Out of thin air?” I cannot argue with you!

Vaccines in General

The Experimental Covid Shot Specifically

Why Take The Risk

  • Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, “This is no longer good science, this is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now!”
  • Israeli People’s Committee-Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Body: fact one doctor referred to the current Covid jab as “like taking a sledge hammer to your immune system”. Another has identified 20 different human systems adversely impacted upon by the Covid jab. Here 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It:
    • We summarize the findings of an animal study which Pfizer submitted to the Japanese health authorities in 2020, and which pertained to the distribution and elimination of a model mRNA vaccine. We show that this study clearly presaged grave risks of blood clotting and other adverse effects. The failure to monitor and assess these risks in the subsequent clinical trials, and the grossly negligent review process in conjunction with the emergency use authorizations, have predictably resulted in an unprecedented medical disaster.”
    • Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated is A BLATANT LIE! Variations Come From Mutations IN THE VACCINATED!
    • 57 scientists/doctors release study, demand immediate stop to ALL vaccinations:
    • Dr Robert Malone invented the mRNA technology, which has been used to create the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines. He has been speaking about the dangers of the COVID shot, such as the damages the Coronavirus spike protein causes in the body. In this interview with Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone calls for a stop of COVID vaccines, the COVID vaccine can cause enhanced immune response, which creates a worse reaction when exposed to the natural coronavirus. He says that it can create autoimmunities in the body. He also said that the spike protein is the most dangerous part of the virus (which is in the COVID vaccine) is similar to spike proteins in our bodies, and can open up (not just pass through) the blood brain barrier. This has very dangerous implications for the human body, and why there have been so many adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.Watch the interview with Dr. Robert Malone on the highwire at this
    • Dr Jane Ruby reported that the August 6 VAERS report (at the 16 minute mark on) details 2,600,000 adverse events from the COVID Jab and 13,000 deaths and 16,000 permanent disabilities. When combined, the US and European figures are 5,416,000 serious injuries and 34,000 deaths world wide (not included the CDC covered up 45,000). A leaked Moderna document reveals the adverse events were fraudulently reported as 110,000 when the correct figure is 300,000.
    • Data from the Australian drug regulatory agency, TGA, reveals on an annual basis, the CV-19 shots have caused a 2800% increase in deaths compared to all other shots combined over the last 50 years of vaccines.
    • 3 reasons Dr Shawn Brooks Phd Predicts the Covid jabbed will die within 6-60 months: 1. Two jabs reduce your immune system by 50%, 2. ADE, 3. blood clots. 80% of jabbed women lose their baby in the first trimester & it causes infertility.

    Government Response To Covid-Part Of The Greatest Scam Ever

    • Mandated vaccines, lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports are all medical preventatives or treatments that contravene the spirit if not the letter of every human rights agreement Australia inherited with our legal framework (Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, our Australian Constitution), medical tradition (the Hippocratic oath enjoins the practitioner to do no harm) or has signed (the Nuremberg Code asserts that informed consent and voluntary participation is a requirement of participating in a medical experiment, which the Covid shot is, the Universal Agreement on Medical Bioethics and Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Every set of ethical principles reinforces the right of individuals to determine their own medical choices. The proposed discriminatory vaccine passports would be a further violation of these rights.
    • The CDC knew in October 2020 that the new Covid shots would cause 110 diseases yet did not put a black box label on it till May this year:

    The Source Of The Insanity – The Who, The Why and the How

    Well there you have it. EVERY SINGLE POINT of the official story turns out to be wrong. Not just off by a little. Wrong by 180 degrees. Absolutely and incontrovertibly, provable-in-a-court-of-law level wrong. But why?

    Some time ago I heard the saying, “Never assign to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance.” When dealing with people known to be mostly good that is a valid way to not lump everyone in the “They’re out to get me!” basket that traps some people.

    But when a person or organisation is consistently and seriously wrong it is time to start looking very closely at them and their actions. When they are 100% wrong, it’s not by accident. It’s time to investigate with vigour! So it is with the government.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

    Some of the tidbits I have learned over the last 18 months:

    • What we are experiencing is no happenstance, no accidental confluence of random factors. It has been carefully planned for years. If you’ve a mind to learn more on this, read the head of the IMF, Klaus Schwab’s book ‘Covid and the Great Reset’. This book, by the founder of the World Economic Forum (the institution that partnered with the WHO to declare a pandemic of international concern in March, and is behind the call to impose lockdowns on the majority of the world’s population) states openly that the virus itself is of little concern, and that lockdown measures will continue indefinitely to push through automation and digital technologies that benefit corporations at the expense of the poor and the third world.
    • Event 201 Pandemic Exercise was a conference held in October 2019. The cosponsors were listed as the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the John Hopkins University although none of them contributed a penny. Who footed the bill? Facebook!
    • By now you be thinking it incredible that this agenda should be implemented so broadly across nations who find it so difficult to agree on so many things. There are many ways “cooperation” can be co-opted. Especially when you have control of the planetary purse strings. A specific example in the Covid context was reported by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko who said the IMF and World Bank demanded lockdowns, curfews and quarantine as conditions for a loan ten times higher.

    How To Buy Influence

Ehdan Biber, an information-security expert, discovered a Pfizer confidential government contract on an Albanian website that is so heavily biased that it literally converts governments into agents of Pfizer. Biber wrote that Ivermectin, an anti-parasite medicine that has been used successfully in several countries against Covid, was suppressed because the Pfizer contract requires that, even if a drug is found to treat Covid-19 effectively, the contract to continue buying products from Pfizer cannot be voided. The contract requires governments to commit to paying for the products even if they are not shipped on time, and no products may be returned. Governments must acknowledge that the effectiveness and potential adverse effects and injuries are unknown. The contract is written to supersede any local law of the state. It stipulates that the “‘Purchaser (meaning the government) hereby agrees to indemnify, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS Pfizer, BioNTech (and) their Affiliates…from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses…’ The contract says that there is no limit to the immunity from prosecution bestowed upon Pfizer even if the company commits fraud. Finally, if the purchasing government fails to enforce these defenses on behalf of Pfizer, a court in New York has the authority and capacity to take the physical assets of that country and transfer them to Pfizer. One of the most stunning clauses stipulates: “If there are any laws or regulations in your country under which Pfizer could be prosecuted, you agree to CHANGE THE LAW OR REGULATION to close that off.”


John Magulfi


  • Heads of state who refuse to vaccinate their people are dying or being assassinated. 6 months ago the President of Tanzania watched TV when the Prime Minister of Austria tested a can of Coca Cola for Covid during a live press conference, and the test was positive. Curious, Magufuli sent the lab a sample of a goat, quail and mango, and got back three positive results. He immediately declared Covid a hoax, and refused to entertain the notions of masks, lockdowns, or vaccines. Tanzania was doing amazingly well as a result, with zero problems, and this was absolutely destroying the left’s narrative. Coincidentally, he died. Got a lot of respect for this man, he tried to protect his people to best of his ability. RIP sir!
  • The full list is: Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza on 8 Jun 2020, Haiti Jovenel Moise on 7 Jul 2021, Ivory Coast Hamed Bakayoko on 3 Mar 2020, Swaziland Ambrose Dlamini on 13 Dec 2020 and Tanzania John Magulfi on 17 Mar 2021.
  • A great interview with Prof Dolores Cahill by Catherine Austin Fitts, two very intelligent, very well informed, very well credentialed and very courageous women! It takes a lot of confront to face as much evil as they expose in this video. It is the central piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes all the other insanities logical. If you want to cut to “the chase scene” go to the 50 minute mark. “They’re planning on significant population reduction to balance the books.”
  • And if you think by you or all of us following the government’s illogical and unscientific mandates that will get us back to the more tolerable pre-Covid level of societal insanity, here, from the horse’s mouths, is the planned truth from two of the criminally insane architects of this madness:


So there you have it. Not all the data I have let alone the whole truth, which will probably never be known, but this is certainly a lot closer the truth than the 100% lie that is the official narrative. And definitely enough to understand the motive, the opportunity, and the means.

What we do individually and collectively after gaining certainty on this data will determine the future of this civilisation. Whether we descend into the dark age of yet another police state/slave society or retain and improve our freedom.

I sincerely hope you take bold and decisive action on your new found certainty. Kept to ourselves this knowledge changes nothing. Shared and acted on, it has power to reverse the downward spiral the planners of it envisage for us. From Catherine Austin Fitts, “One of the great breakthroughs will come when enough of the general population will realise that the leadership is not in alignment with their best interests.”

So the more people who know the data in this article, the closer we are to a breakthrough. Let’s get distributing!

Action Plan

Step 0 Improve your diet and lifestyle to improve your general health and immune system. A notable quote: “During the 10 years that I have been connected with sanitarium work, my workers and myself, in giving the various forms of manipulative treatment, have handled intimately thousands of cases of infectious and contagious diseases, and I do not remember a single instance where any of us was was in the least affected by such contact. Ordinary cleanliness, good vitality, clean blood and tissues, the organs of elimination in good, active condition and, last but not least, a positive, fearless attitude of mind will practically establish natural immunity to the inroads and ravages of bacteria and disease taints. If infection takes place, the organism reacts to it though inflammatory processes, and by means of those endeavors to overcome and eliminate microorganisms and poisons from the system.”

Henry Lindlahr, Nature cure: The unity of Acute Disease 1922

Step 1 If you do not already have a certainty for yourself that this plandemic is a scam from start to finish, reread the above, re-listen to the referenced experts or do your own data collection until you have that as an incontrovertible, unshakable and unassailable certainty.

Step 2 Decide that the destructive government mandates advised by the medical mafia must stop and that you will do something within your power to bring that about, despite rejection you will receive from those who are still under the spell of the fear hypnosis or who profit from the scam.

Step 3 Forward this PDF or the link to it to those on your communication lines, your family, your friends and associates. If you do not think that advisable, pick something in it that you feel comfortable forwarding, clip it out and forward that. Only a large scale agreement to maintain our freedoms will preserve them.

Step 4 If you are a member of the public, let your local member of parliament and state and federal Senators know where you stand, brief or send them this data. If you are a member of parliament, start asking questions in question time, vote against lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and passports. If you are a member of the police or armed forces, show your seniors this data and discuss this with them to formulate your plans. “I was just following orders” did not cut it at Nuremberg. Your personal integrity is more important than your immediate life.

Step 5 Look for and find like minded people/groups and support them.

Step 6 Support local small businesses, hard hit by lockdowns.

Step 7 If you have a mind to be more active in your address to this assault on our freedoms and health, please keep it peaceful. Bear in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s example of non-violent non-cooperation. After all, he freed India from the greatest colonial power in the world at that time. Take every opportunity to politely, peacefully and non-violently let those making or enforcing these destructive measures know that you have the real science, not the paid for pseudo-science, and that you do not agree. After all, many of them can think and probably have the same questions as you and I! Your polite exposure of the lies helps them too!

My very sincere thanks to the many medical professionals and scientists who have broken ranks to counter the ‘official narrative’ and bring us the truth in a sincere attempt to help save lives. Likewise the genuine representatives of the people in parliament standing up for our rights.

Yours sincerely in an attempt to save as many lives as possible,

Tom Grimshaw

Version XX 22-8-2021

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