Long Covid Risks Greatly Exaggerated

Long Covid Risks Greatly Exaggerated

The risks of long Covid have been ‘greatly exaggerated’ with more than 200 symptoms linked to the condition, experts say.

Major flaws in research have distorted the real extent of the condition, leading to misdiagnoses and heightened public anxiety.

They blamed overly broad definitions and criticized a lack of appropriate comparison groups in studies looking at the incidence, prevalence, and control of the condition.


Kate Shemirani commented in Twitter:
A group of long Covid patients were treated with 7 mg nicotine patches for six days. All symptoms resolved and the patients remained symptom-free at six months and 12 months. The question that everyone should be asking is “Why did nicotine lead to recovery?” Because it displaces venom from nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs)! So where did that venom come from?!

Shirley Bell commented in Twitter:
I can personally say that after the third time I had covid, which is a virus (designed over many years of development and each strain made in a lab (as confirmed in a paper from Japan) and then released, I had severe brain fog.

I read as much as I could and found that nicotine does act on the ACE receptors which are one of the main targets for covid.

I took a half the lowest strength nicotine tablet and it was like someone wiped my brain to clear the fog.
It was bordering on miraculous.

NAC is also reported by others to have similar beneficial impact.