Tucker Carlson Highlights Crimes Committed by US Government

Tucker Carlson Highlights Crimes


The deeper philosophical issue this raises is that criminals, high or low, do not follow the rules!

This is why the only major change you will get from sweeping gun laws is the disarming of the population rendering them powerless to defend them selves against tyranny whether that be from robbers of goverments.

Because there will always be somone not following the rules, the only thing that keeps a society on the rails is the willingness of each of us to call out unethical, immoral or illegal conduct.

To accomplish and maintain that you need to inculcate into each generation of young the values of honesty, integrity and courage and the wisdom of intelligence and competence.

To those interested in knowing from whence came the most marked departure from this ideal, I have penned a few articles you might find of interest. You can find a preface and the list of articles here: