Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension sufferers are often prescribed drugs to thin the blood, reduce the blood pressure and some even for cholesterol reduction. These drugs are not without their negative side effects too. Some of the side effects (muscle pain, erectile dysfunction and severe fatigue) are as bad as or worse then those of the hypertension.
The Archives of Internal Medicine published the results of a study that showed only 30% of those under treatment for hypertension were classified as “well controlled”. Despite regular checkups and drugs, the other 70% were still in the danger zone!
Let me say that another way. If you have hypertension and your doctor prescribes drugs, there is a 70% chance they will not work!
And not only is there a 70% chance they won’t work, if you have had breast cancer, one class of hypertension drug, ACE inhibitors, will increase your risk of contracting cancer again! Among 1,779 women with early stage breast cancer who were treated and then followed for eight years, the researchers found that women who were taking ACE inhibitors had a shocking 56 per cent increased risk of recurrence of the cancer.
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