AirPod Radiation May Cause Brain Damage, Leading Scientist Warns

airpod Radiation

Apple says the AirPod satisfies FCC requirements for close-range radiation levels. But a UC Berkeley scientist is now warning that AirPods might result in irreversible brain damage, including an erosion of the blood-brain barrier.

As wireless headphone sales start to surge, serious concerns over close-range radiation effects and possible brain damage are surfacing. Those concerns are now hitting overdrive as Apple prepares the release of the AirPod, which promise a torrent of non-stop wireless communications just millimeters from the brain.

‘You are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain.’

Those AirPods, which complement a wireless-only iPhone 7, could shift users from traditional earbud-based voice communications and listening towards Bluetooth-powered communication and audio. That could pose serious, long-term dangers, with the AirPod stuffing high-tech radiation right into your ear.