Coronavirus – How To Boost Your Immune Response to a Viral Infection

Coronavirus Update 16 Sleep

A 20 year research reveals sleep is the easiest, cheapest and most reliable way to boost the ability of your body to fight a virus. Sleep deprivation sets you up to be more adversely impacted by a viral infection. May be this is why the overworked, underslet health professionals in China have a 94% infection rate of Coronavirus.

00. Get enough sleep (it builds the immune system).

0. Fast (feed a cold, starve a fever).

1. Dramatically reduce or eliminate sugar (the immune system is compromised for hours after ingesting sugar).

2. Dramatically reduce or eliminate wheat (it is inflammatory and toxic to your health).

3. Dramatically reduce or eliminate processed foods (they are inflammatory and most contain toxins) and increase your consumptions of vegetables and some fruit.

4. Increase your intake of vitamin C. (I take 5 grams a day. A virus is more effectively combatted by C than most other things.)

5. Increase your vitamin D3 intake (reputed to boost the immune system).

6. Increase your vitamin K2 intake (otherwise the D3 can cause hardening of the arteries).

7. Start taking some black seed oil.

8. Get rid of the fluoride and chlorine from your water.

9. Start taking iodine to boost the immune function of the thyroid gland.

10. Improve/increase your protein intake. (The immune system is highly dependent on Protein. Here’s my best shot at that:

11. If you want to take it next level, here are 72 ingredients combined with that purpose in mind:

12. Get one or more bottle of colloidal silver (the US Dept of agriculture found that people with colloidal silver in their system survived the Ebola virus.)