Doubling the Risk of Stroke—A Harmful Consequence of Marijuana Use

Doctor And Patient

It seems that everywhere we look, there is another story on marijuana, another slew of opinions, always taking one side or the other, usually debating over emotions and morals as opposed to science and facts.

Marijuana use is becoming more common, particularly among youth. And that is something to be concerned about. We still don’t know all of the long-term implications of marijuana use and many of the short term ones are painfully obvious.

Well, let me rephrase that. We are just now starting to learn what some of the long-term effects of marijuana are, especially when people start using marijuana at a young age. The results are pretty concerning.

A recent article in U.S. News brought forth new information that not only is marijuana harmful for many obvious reasons but that the frequent use of marijuana also doubles users’ likelihood of experiencing a stroke. And that’s just the first half of the story. Marijuana users are also twice as likely to be hospitalized for dangerously erratic heart rhythms.

This information comes from two separate studies, both of which were recently presented for peer review at the American Heart Association meeting in Philadelphia.