Once again the Independent Commission Against Corruption has uncovered evidence of a Liberal MP’s dodgy dealings with property developers. Daryl Maguire has quit the Liberals and has finally let go of his seat.
But politicians who use their power for personal gain belong in court. Tell the Premier you support stronger anti-corruption laws.
ICAC is expert at identifying corrupt activities by public officials but their findings don’t always translate into criminal charges. It’s time for new, stronger laws to make sure corrupt politicians actually go to gaol.
I’ve introduced a bill to NSW Parliament that would make it easier to send politicians to court if they are found to have acted corruptly by the ICAC. The bill is based on recommendations by ICAC which have been ignored by the government up to this point.
Sign the petition to support my bill.
If you would like to discuss this issue with me further, please feel free to contact me directly either by email or call 02 9660 7586.
Yours sincerely,
Jamie Parker MP
Member for Balmain
P.S. If you believe that shonky politicians belong in court, sign the petition now.

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