Prediction And Denial

Prediction And Denial

To the bottom of the list you can add what is presently being undertaken in Australia, the forced vaccination of the unvaccinated and being threatened in Austria and Germany, the fining and internment of the unvaccinated.

This only happens when the enforcers are a) destructively inclined or b) they do not know that what they are doing is illegal and/or do not have the integrity and courage to not comply with these illegal orders.

For b the solution would appear to be education and encouragement to do what is right.

It is an old warrior’s axiom that the best war is the one you win without having to fight it.

If your intelligence is good and you know your enemy’s plan, if you have a bright idea and can implement it to prevent the enemy from even striking, you win without raising a physical defense.

Well, we are already very late to this party. The enemy have planned, coordinated, mobilized and already acted to harm a great many people. But this is nowhere near as bad as it could and will get if we do nothing. The wrong thing to do is always nothing

So, just because our backs are to the wall is no reason to give up! How can we reverse the tide of this war?

Anticipate their next move and counter it.

Their next move is further enforcement of the illegal vaccine mandates. And while legal challenges to those have been mounted, there is no guarantee of success in the courts as many judges, being appointed and paid by the establishment, are coopted. This is why common law trial by jury is so important.

So, what to do?

I suggest to anyone who knows an active duty or retired sheriff, policeman, marine, soldier, sailor, airman, national guardsman, educate them on the dangers of the vaccine, the malicious intent behind it, the illegality of enforcement etc. Many resources are available to help you do this on my blog. I will list some of them at the foot of this article.

When you find strong agreement, especially from a currently serving sheriff, have yourself and the like minded in your group either sworn in or ready to be sworn in as acting deputies to prevent tyranny.

The enemy think they are strong because they have the structure of the establishment behind them. Pull the rug out from their enforcement arms by enlisting them to your side and their strength evaporates as a morning mist in strong sunlight.

Good luck my friends!

If you do not know one of the members in the above listed groups there are still steps you can take, I have listed some here:

What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?


Getting Through To Those Who Haven’t Got It Yet

I have found that providing data does not work.
It’s just like water off a duck’s back when it hits up against contradictory data.
And I learned the first barrier to learning is thinking you know it all already.

My best effort to overcome this attempts to bypass this barrier by asking questions.
I’ve created an article that lists some of the many questions that could be asked.
It’s here:


Covid, the Who, How, What, When, Where and Why

SARS Covid-19 – The Who, How, What, When, Where and Why


Where we are headed:

Here is a link to the above excerpt:

Book: Committee Of 300, by Dr. John Coleman
Here is a link to the above excerpt:

I watched a great video by Catherine Austin Fitts who said, “One of the great breakthroughs will come when enough of the general population will realise that the leadership is not in alignment with their best interests.”

Planet Lockdown by Catherine Austin Fitts

For the true motive behind the grossly disproportionate government response to what is marginally different from a normal flu, watch this. This video
1. ties some of the big picture pieces together and
2. provides the rationale behind all the illogics that assault your sensibilities then
3. tenders some workable steps you can take to alter the planned future.

Planet Lockdown: Catherine Austin Fitts

Watch this:



Trial By Jury is a far more certain guarantee of liberty and protection against tyranny than the ballot box ever was or will be!

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Doctors who look for immediate solutions are currently administering at least 6 different cures for COVID-19 that do not carry the risks that the vaccine do documented here:
Coronavirus Data And Resource Compilation (Last Updated 1 October 2021)


Covid Jab Recovery Protocol

From the various sources I have seen recently I have done my best to compile a Jab Recovery Protocol to aid those wanting to recover from covid vaccine harm:

I do not believe it to be a complete handling. I don’t know if that is possible. I suspect not. But it is the most comprehensive I can formulate with my present understanding.

Trial By Jury is a far more certain guarantee of liberty and protection against tyranny than the ballot box ever was or will be!

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