A Quote from Democracy Defined: The Manifesto

There is no point in having sets of “rules”; to wit, statutorily-binding administrative regulations, unless you have a fair forum within which to adjudge their justice, applicability, and constitutionality (legitimacy).

The mutually reinforcing Australian and British Constitution prescribes the sole legal justice system for prosecution and defence of all Causes (lawsuits), civil, criminal and fiscal; that of the Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System. Let all of us Citizens from whatever background or political persuasion unite to get MPs and Senators (Lords, UK), i.e., parliament, to restore it by statutory Amendment.

See the Constitution’s binding rule of law summarised in the two attached ‘flyers’, PDFs:

1.) The Restoration Amendment Statute Program, Broadsheet #1. This summarises the Five Tenets of Constitution, law and history which are at the foundation of  Democratic Civilisation, sine qua non. Print out at A4 size.
2.) EIS4 The Juror’s leaflet, “Why Is Trial by Jury Important?” Printed out at A4 size, it folds neatly along the guidelines shown into a ‘flyer’ of one-third its width for fitting into a chap’s inner jacket pocket or a lady’s handbag. Suitable to pull out and hand around to start a conversation at any moment!

See this relevant excerpt from Chapter Four of Democracy Defined: The Manifesto ISBN 978-1902848280

Are You a Freeperson or Slave?

     IT IS DEFINITIVE of a civilised society that government recognises as legal, the right of the people to live free from tyranny and enslavement: that is, tyranny and government oppression are recognised as illegal. To deter government which might have criminal objectives, this freedom requires to be secured by the threat of and when necessary the use of legal force. If no legal right exists to uphold liberty and resist illegal oppression from government and its employees, then liberty itself is not legal. If the law does not recognise and support the legal right of the people to resist lawlessness and oppression by anyone, including government, then justice and liberty are denied.
A government which judges for itself which laws are to be enforced, will impose all of those laws it chooses. However, some or all of its measures may be contrary to the legitimate interests and liberty of citizens. For this reason, it is necessary to have a tribunal independent of government, with power over government, to judge between the government’s enforcement of laws and those people who would resist such laws. The tribunal must be comprised of the people of the country at large who it represents, on whom the laws are to be enforced, for the purpose of ascertaining which laws are justly enforceable on the people, and which are to be annulled and expunged.
Such a unique tribunal is the Trial by Jury.
A government bent on injustice will always commit such offences as it pleases, and act tyrannically—unless it is faced with the fully effective deterrent of authorised legal resistance. Hence, to preserve civil peace, justice, liberty and uphold a legal rule of law, the Trial by Jury tribunals of the people require the full forces of law and order at their disposal.
If government denies Trial by Jury, that is, if juries are forbidden from judging between the government’s laws and those citizens who disobey or resist the oppressions of government, then government has absolute power, and the people are ‘legally’ enslaved by government. The general population thus subjected may not decide their rights and liberties for themselves, and are known to the law as slaves. As with many slaves past and present, by demonstrations of courage they might to some degree hold back their overlords and state officials who are their masters, but they are nonetheless slaves under the law. In this situation, the people have no power to judge peacefully over what they perceive to be criminal actions by government. Such government has the power to decide exactly what a person can say, do or be. The life, liberty, and property of every citizen are entirely in the hands and at the disposal of the statist politicians in power.
A government which can enforce its laws without appealing for consent from a tribunal which represents the people on whom the laws are to be enforced, is an absolute government dictatorship and is not accountable to the people. It can perpetuate its power and commit atrocities at its pleasure. Trial by Jury was emplaced precisely to counter such abhorrence. Following implementation of Trial by Jury, government cannot execute any laws by punishing violators unless it first receives consent of “the country,” that is, the people, through a unanimous jury.
Thus, Trial by Jury protects all people equally, and in a democracy the people at all times keep their liberties in their own hands, never surrendering them to government even for a moment.


The members of the legal profession who are Members of the Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign have learnt from this educational campaign and point out that the universally applicable legem terræ common law and the proper workings of its Trial by Jury Justice System have not been taught—let alone, pressed home—at law schools for a generation or more. The situation in regard to justice has long been equally degenerate in France, Germany and Continental Europe (EU).
It is essential for teens and adults to be educated about common law in general, and specifically, on the Two Ways Trial by Jury works to provide mankind’s model justice system by which equal justice before, and equal protection by, the law are furnished to all citizens; viz. Chapter Four.

[Quote ends from Democracy Defined: The Manifesto]

Feel free to forward this with the attachments to friends, family, local newspaper reporters and Editors.

Yours sincerely,

Kenn d’Oudney. Coordinator.



Vaccine Shield

Vaccine Shield

The job the Nuremberg code was designed to do but laws only work for people who can follow orders. Criminals of all ilk are criminals because they cannot create and they cannot follow orders.

They Just Wanted To Be Left Alone

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

–alexander solzhenitsyn

Is Turning Someone Into A Non-Human Valid Treatment? – Mental Health sans Drugs.

The Madhouse

I’ve written about it before. What other medical specialty is allowed to FORCE patients to accept their treatment? Cancer, maybe? Yes, sometimes. Big Pharma has done such a strong propaganda number to persuade legal authorities that only the “proper” treatment of cancer can be administered and that nobody is allowed to refuse when challenged, according to the court’s position.

It’s reminiscent of the Bill Gates gangs roaming Africa and forcing parents, at gun point, to have their children vaccinated. It’s another example of those in control being able to dictate modern medical treatment… because it’s so good, so perfect, only an idiot would refuse it.

But when “treatment” means you are turned into a non-person, with no rights and no dignity, I shudder. The thought of patients being forcibly incarcerated, against their will, and subjected to crude barbarism under the guise of medicine, I want no part of it.

Let’s be clear: I sectioned* several patients in my younger years (much younger; 20-something!) so I have accepted that, at times, a patient must be restrained from hurting themselves, or others. But I have had no vote in the subsequent procedures which were applied.

Usually, compulsory admission occurs when the patient will not cooperate. Section 2 of the UK Mental Health Act allows for the patient to be detained for 18 days, while the doctors figure out the situation and issues. [Section 3, which involves treatment that can only be given in hospital, lasts for up to six months, and can be renewed].

The USA, of course, and other countries, have their own variations on this way of dealing with what I call the “acutely distressed” patient.

Let’s consider a typical case from Jacob. M Appel’s 2019 book, Who Says You’re Dead? Medical & Ethical Dilemmas for the Curious & Concerned. It concerns a patient called Carolina (a false name, of course). She is a 60-year-old woman and has a history of schizophrenia. She has been admitted to psychiatric hospitals more than 30 times for paranoia, auditory hallucinations, and bizarre behavior. Auditory hallucinations, in this context, means hearing “voices”.

Usually, once Caroline was stabilized on medication, her symptoms resolved and she was able to return to the group home where she lives. Yet the medications make her feel “numb” and “stupid,” and she is unwilling to take them voluntarily. “I’d rather be psychotic than stupid,” she tells one of her psychiatrists.

One time immediately after being discharged from the hospital, when she was still on medication and asymptomatic, Carolina found a lawyer who helped her draft a document called a “psychiatric advance directive.” In the document, she affirms that if she again becomes psychotic, she does not want to receive any medication. She is willing to be forcibly admitted indefinitely, if need be, to protect the public and prevent her from self-harm, but she says she does not want to be medicated under any circumstances.

She also recorded a video to go along with the document. “Please don’t believe me if I change my mind,” she says on the video. “When I’m in the hospital, sometimes I’ll say or do anything to get out. But that’s not the real me speaking.”

Carolina’s lawyer arranged for two psychiatrists to evaluate her at the time she signed the document. These psychiatric evaluations are preserved on video. Both evaluators agreed that she was asymptomatic and thinking rationally.

As soon as the document was signed, Carolina stopped taking her medications and rapidly became psychotic again. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital where the doctors sought a court order to medicate her forcibly.

Doctors subscribing to the magazine which featured this case were asked, “Should the court honor Carolina’s document” and “Should doctors be allowed to forcibly medicate her?” An astonishing 32% said YES to question #1 and 38% said YES to question #2. (I’m pleased the majority at least granted Carolina the status of a human).

So what is the humane—even medically correct—thing to do? The patient’s wishes are clear. She needs treating with respect and accord, not as a “nutty”  woman. Clearly she hates the medication; she should not be forced to take it.

Most anti-psychotic medication, as it’s called, is pretty destructive to anyone’s state of mind. Imagine a person rather being sick than taking the “approved” medicine. That tells you how bad these drugs are.

[Continue To Read Online If You Prefer…]

Anyway, I have covered these problems and many more in my bumper book called Psychiatry Without Drugs. Reading it will probably shatter your illusions about psychiatrists and psychiatric care. It’s pretty grim; once you get in the system you may never come out.

The basic premise of the book is pretty shattering anyway: I argue that almost ALL so-called psychiatric issues are actually physical illness in disguise. This can mean vitamin deficiencies (vitamin B3 deficiency, for example, leads to pellagra and acute mental distress—we medical students learned it as “dermatitis, diarrhea and dementia”); hormone imbalances can drive people crazy (especially women); food allergies, where I made my name in decades past, is a chronic and very common cause of depression, anxiety states, ADD, ADHD, and even schizophrenia; parasites and stealth pathogens, of which Lymes is one of the worst mimics for all kinds of conditions, can take their toll; and chemical pollution and EMFs, although largely ignored, are MAJOR causes of mental disorders.

If you want “The Bible” on mental health disorders and their true physical origins, you need this book. It can save lives (avert suicides) and prevent unjust incarceration.

And yes, there is a whole section on how to treat acutely distressed patients. Meaning NOT treat them; just nurture and support them, with a calm, quiet, non-threatening environment. Psychiatric wards? They are just about the most threatening and scary places you could imagine.

And half the staff and doctors are crazy too; murderous even. Oh yes, there are stories and I don’t hold back: big fat nurses who sit on patients and stop them breathing, until they are dead; women patients raped; patients in straight jackets literally tortured for the amusement of the staff.

The truth is that psychiatry is a profession “wanting of humanity”. You may have heard the term “Bedlam”. It’s a contraction of St. Mary of Bethlehem, an infamous Victorian hospital for mentally sick patients in London. In June 1816 Thomas Monro, Principal Physician at Bedlam, resigned as a result of scandal when he was indeed accused of ‘wanting in humanity’ towards his patients.

The Madhouse by William Hogarth 1697 – 1764

Well, I’ve got news for those who are not keeping up to speed in this field: NOTHING HAS CHANGED. 20th century mental hospitals (now 21st century, of course) are little different from the St Mary Of Bethlehem precedent. It’s all done by prescription today, that’s all. The locks are still in place.

The jailers and torturers are licensed incompetents, many of who, to their shame, are trained MDs who should be able to recognize the signs of physical disease.

You might argue that hitting people over the head with a chemical cosh is kinder than physical pain; a moot point. You read above what patient Caroline had to say about that!

What is unarguable is that most modern psychiatric drugs are worthless and most are greatly damaging. The multi-billion dollar fraud of drugs used to treat non-existent medical diagnoses must be stopped urgently and at all costs, before more patients are injured and perhaps permanently damaged.

Meantime, if you have any care to know the TRUTH that lies behind the madhouse of modern psychiatry, get yourself a copy of the book.

Enjoy! And stay sane in today’s crazy world.


Jayde’s vaccine injury story told by her sister Emma


“Jayde, 30 years old, a fit and healthy, vibrant mum of a beautiful little toddler, with no underlying health issues had the whole world at her feet, received her Pfizer Vaccine on 29th September 2021 to keep her job because it became mandatory.

She suffered from an adverse reaction and went to hospital 6 times with severe chest pain, severe dizziness, heart palpitations, chest tightening headaches, body numbness and tremors.

On one occasion she visited her GP who told her to go straight to the hospital as her resting heart rate was up around 140bpm. On this occasion the hospital left her sitting on the floor for the first 4 hours, wouldn’t read the letter from her GP and just kept saying she needed to wait and show it to a Dr. She sat there on the floor in ER as her heart was pounding out of her chest scared she was going to die. She was then finally seen and they again ignored her concerns, dismissed her symptoms, made her take Valium and discharged her with anxiety and told her to see a phycologist – only to return two days later with the same symptoms!

She was finally given a bedside Echogram and diagnosed with Pericarditis.

After being referred to a cardiologist she underwent a lot of medical treatment including a CT brain scan, Heart MRI, Coronary Angiogram and Echograms.

At the first Angiogram appointment, they stated it couldn’t be performed as her heart rate was too high and unstable, even after being on the meds to slow it down. At the second one they increased the dose and they got half way through the Angiogram and had to stop it immediately as it became too dangerous because her heart rate jumped to 180 bpm.

She was diagnosed with Pericarditis, Enlarged Heart, irregular heart beat and inflammation in her hearts left ventricle, as well as left ventricle regurgitation. The heart holter monitor results have shown her heart is skipping beats while she is sleeping. She has been put on a high dose of heart failure medication, colchicine and beta blockers to slow her incredibly high heart rate.

She was told so many times it was all in her head and there was nothing wrong with her heart.

She has lost the ability to look after her little toddler alone, she can’t drive alone as the dizziness just gets too much and she can’t stand or walk for very long and suffers from severe fatigue. The dizziness she experiences on a daily basis has stripped her life away from her, she feels like she is on a boat all the time – there is not much quality of life when you are like that. She puts on a happy and brave face but underneath I can see her heartbreak.

On the 13th of December she was referred on to a professor in cardiology in one of the leading city hospitals. She underwent nerve conduction studies and an autonomic study. She has now also been diagnosed with Gillian-Barre Syndrome and Dysautonomia caused from the adverse reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine.

Jayde has nerve damage in both legs and her left arm. Her left arm has the most nerve damage which is the arm in which she received her vaccine

Unfortunately, Jayde has been suffering for months now with no help from the government. She hasn’t been able to return to work. As a young family they are finding it really tough with the medical expenses, time off work, emergency trips to the hospital and just the ongoing burden of the unknown future they face.

I’m sharing Jayde’s story to bring awareness that these Vaccines aren’t ‘safe and effective’. Who knows this may save someone else’s life. Where there is a risk there should be a choice!”

And this is NOT rare as this RN reports: https://rumble.com/vtge32-tawny-buettner-rn-observed-a-10x-increase-in-the-rate-of-myocarditis-after-.html

The covid shot is NOT safe, it is NOT effective. It is destructive. Do your own research. Do not believe the lies peddled by big pharma and their bought and paid for stooges in government, the medical mafia and the media. It is a LOT easier to get another job than it is to get a new body.