A great start to the year- New Year's Day – 2014

I want to congratulate you for finding me and share a win with you!
Have you ever had the feeling that you just KNOW something? Despite a lack of any previous experience or data in the area? Well, knowingness is a spiritual perception senior to the physical universe. In fact, as a spiritual being, you have the potential (most often not attained) of knowing anything, past, present or future.
Well, I did a personality test a while ago. The summary analysis point was that I was an “intuitive investigator”. That I was able to use my intuition or knowingness to determine a research direction or path.
And it’s true. I LOVE learning and researching. I find it exciting.
Five and a half years ago, when I started getting people report more energy from the food bars I started making for my daughter, I embarked on a path of research towards combining as many high nutrient foods as I could into an easily consumable form.
Ever since, there is hardly a month goes past that I do not receive either anecdotal or scientific evidence that proves the validity of that decision.
Today I was reading my emails. A promo for an anti-aging formula was amongst them. This new anti-aging drink contains a mere 13 of the ingredients in my top bars and powders:
Green Tea
This is the list of benefits reported by some of its users:
“But the people who have discovered this anti-aging secret report feeling younger every day. Along with*:
• Vigorous energy
• Better sleep
• Weight management
• Healthy blood tests
• A robust immune system
• Blood pressure support
• Stronger libido
• Less allergies
• Greater mental clarity
• And much more…
*Results not typical for all users.
Emerging evidence from in vitro and animal research suggests that it:
Reduces free-radical damage and protects your cells. Heart Health
Helps keep your heart young and healthy.
Supports healthy cholesterol levels naturally.
And that’s not all. Combined with other science-backed nutrients, this wonder compound could help you:
Wake up vibrant every day.
Have boundless energy that carries you throughout the entire day—no caffeine needed.
Be more productive and finish each day feeling satisfied with your accomplishments.
Feel more positive, reeling with good energy.
But why does it work so well?
While our biochemists were researching the formula, they hit upon a massive breakthrough in the anti-aging field.
It’s simple. But it’s also revolutionary on a nutritional level.
You see, the body requires a certain balance to function properly. It is not that we need more of some nutrients and less of others. It is that we need certain basic nutrients, together, to get the maximum benefit from everything we eat. Makes sense, right?
Well, consider some of the changes the body can face when it ages. Problems regulating blood flow and processing sugar… difficulty with digestion … changes in bone density… muscle fatigue and weakness…You’ll find there are two specific nutrients that support every one of these functions in the body.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition declared that these two nutrients, along with certain fruits and vegetables, could help maintain bone density in the elderly… And that’s just the beginning.
On the flip side, when we’re low on either of these two key minerals, it has a definite effect on our health. They are that essential.
I’m talking about magnesium and potassium.
Magnesium is mostly stored in our bones, and some in our muscle. In fact, its beneficial effect on the body’s biggest muscle, the heart, has been noted by researchers at Harvard and Oxford and was reported in the New York Times almost a decade ago.
Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves, and digestive system.
And once again, it’s the combination here that really matters. Some studies have indicated that there is an important inter-relationship between the two nutrients.
Know that with every step you take, your body’s inner defenses are hard at work keeping you healthy.
Everything that’s good for you gets magnified when you include the magnesium and potassium your cells need…
Antioxidants that protect your cells… …help keep your mind sharp… …and your memory intact… …are now put to maximum use.
Polyphenols that help promote healthy levels of inflammation and keep blood flowing strong… …can be magnified
Superfoods that keep your immune system strong and healthy… …work like a charm
Minerals that strengthen bones, maintain muscle tone, and keep your heart naturally healthy… …keep your body feeling younger and more energized”
OK. End of their advertisement!
How am I going with it? I had a lovely young lady call in last night. During the conversation she mentioned to me that she will need some more Nutri-Blast in a week or so. Jem volunteered that since she started taking it she is more instantly awake when she wakes up.
As my son would say, “Booyeah! Mission accomplished.”

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