Anger- Internal or External?

Someone on Facbook asked about anger, whether it releases negative energy externally or internally.
I replied:
Suppressing one’s emotions is not good.
People who do eventually explode.
So NEVER little small things go uncommunicated until they build up within one.
You cannot feel anger without having a diminished level of responsibility.
One cannot be the adverse effect of an area of life without oneself first having done something similar to that area.
Feeling anger is taking on an opposition to that which one is angry. It is not senior to the situation so is therefore a weaker position.
Part of responsibility is the ability to withhold.
When one is angry is the worst time to communicate.
You can almost never trust and angry man to speak the truth.
So if one is feeling angry, one remedy is to spot times in one’s past when one has done similar things to the same or similar area or persons towards which one feels angry.
When one does, the anger subsides.
But it takes courage and strength to do that.
And most people would much prefer to blame someone else.
So I am not addressing most people.
I am addressing those who would like to grow and see things improve and have sufficient courage to move outside what is comfortable and step into the area where growth occurs.

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