A Closer Look at Fenugreek

I use Fenugreek in my top bars and powders so I thought you might like to see this about it.
A Closer Look at Fenugreek
by Jennifer Good in a newsletter from http://www.jonbarron.org/
Fenugreek is a plant from the Fabaceae family. Today, most know the herb from cooking with unique spice blends; in fact, it’s maple-like flavor is so pleasant that it’s used as a flavoring agent in everything from foods to tobacco. But historically, fenugreek has been known for its ability to heal everything from an upset stomach to lowering cholesterol. As far back as ancient Egypt, fenugreek was prized for its healing properties — the first recorded use of fenugreek is described on an ancient Egyptian papyrus dated to 1500 B.C.1
While a common cooking ingredient, fenugreek has also been used to treat both respiratory and stomach ailments. Specifically it is used for allergies, bronchitis, digestive ailments, emphysema, intestinal gas, gastrointestinal spasms, headaches, lung ailments, mucous congestion, and skin eruptions. It is specifically for its ability to aid the digestive tract that Jon Barron uses Fenugreek is his Liver Tea formula.
Most notably, fenugreek has garnered attention for helping in treatments for diabetes and cholesterol related issues. A study published in the journal “Nutrition Research” examined the effect of fenugreek on diabetes. After taking 100g of fenugreek per day, diabetics showed better blood glucose control and tolerance. This was proven by a decrease in urinary glucose output and a better fasting blood glucose.2 This same study also showed benefits related to blood cholesterol.
Fenugreek has been shown to decrease the body’s insulin response to food and help maintain normal serum glucose levels by slowing down the absorption rate of carbohydrates, thereby lowering the insulin requirement. As a result, it has also been shown to decrease the glycemic incidence of food. In studies, the unique galactomannan ratio of galactose and mannose in fenugreek reduced urinary sugar levels of participants by as much as 54%. It also may inhibit the absorption of fats and aid in weight-loss by increasing the sense of fullness. For these reasons, Jon Barron uses Fenugreek extract in his sugar/lipid metabolic enhancement formula.
Used as folk medicine treatment, fenugreek may be used by women who are breast-feeding to help promote milk flow. Some men may use fenugreek for hernia, erectile dysfunction, and other male issues.
For medicinal purposes, you’re likely to fenugreek in seed format. It may also be used as a poultice to help treat inflammation, muscle pain, wounds, and eczema.

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