This just in from a friend living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has gone into hyper inflation big time; 50% increase in staple foods this week!!! It came right after a modest decrease = scumbags! The big banks, Standard Chartered, Bank of China and HSBC are issuing new millions of HK$ notes monthly. Inflation in supermarkets has been running at about 8% a month for more than a year, yet the HK Government official rate for the past year was only 4%. Liars figure and figures lie. Many are predicting mass civil disobedience here, perhaps by the end of the year. Rents have increased 100% in the past 12 months also. On September 1st, 2011 HK workers got a basic wage increase of 5% HKD$ to HKD$28 an hour, on the same day rents across the board increased 50%. 10 months later rents increased another 50%. On May 1, 2013 International Labour Day HK workers will get an extra HKD$2 an hour, I suspect that there will be another 50% rent increase.
Mainland China’s State Owned Enterprises are investing massive sums into building properties for the elite here. The Hong Kong government, AKA Jardines, subsidary of East India Trading Co has built 1000s of high rise cheap “public housing” yet many of them, completed, lie vacant. These are Agenda 21 residential boxes adjacent “public transport” terminals. My flat, which measures 4 X 2.5 M, will cost you a tad over AUD$1 Million!!!
You want to see Agenda 21 operating in full swing? Come to Hong Kong. The HK Government as of end of financial year 2011 – 2012 had a cash surplus of HKD$3 Trillion!!! Although the figures have not been released it looks like the HKD$3 Trillion will be 2 or more Xed owing to the HK being the world’s premiere and safest Gold Trading Market. HK is awash with Black Cash.
And to top off the list of achievements here, not only do we have the world’s tallest building, HK has the coveted “Most Polluted City in the World” rating. What was, just a couple of years ago, one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world has won the prestigious title, finally! Which picturesqe city will take out the coveted first place? The bets are on…
While all eyes are on the USA, oops a slip, America, the great cities and countries of the world are going under at alarming rate yet no one knows. Thank you, Rupert. Please don’t tell any one about my slip, will you. Seriously. How did the USA become America? I can’t find
it on any maps. Must be coming to an Atlas near you quite soon, I suspect.
Keep on the great work on your Newsletters and FB.
And then I read this on Facebook:
John Truman Wolfe: The gold and silver shake out last week was to scare people out of the market (so the manipulators could buy more.) My opinion = Hell of a buying opportunity.

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