Dehydrating Carrots

Dehydrated Carrots

(From a post on a Facebook group.)
One extra large bowl of diced carrots dehydrated down to fill about 3/4 of a quart jar.

My process:
Peel carrots (they seem to re hydrate better if they are peeled),
cut into approximately 1/8″ dice,
blanch 2 minutes,
dehydrate at 135 degrees F.

It took about 7 hours to get them fully dry, but let that only be a guideline. How long it takes yours to dry depends on the humidity in your home, age of produce, accuracy of the temperature on your dehydrator, and other variables. Dry until you can tear apart a piece and no moisture comes out of the food.

I store my dehydrated foods in glass jars with air-tight lids, placed in a dark cupboard. They last at least a year.

To re hydrate, I usually pour boiling water over the food and cover it with a plate. You could also pour water over the food, cover, and refrigerate overnight (be sure the water is a couple of inches above the food), or gently simmer the food in a saucepan.

Remember: The carrots still need cooking.