Trust Me

Trust Me

Many decades ago now, after being relieved of some serious coin by a person fond of saying “trust me” I came to the conclusion that the sort of person who says that does so because they are unwilling or unable to show you evidence that what they want you to believe is true.

No recent events have operated to dissuade me from that conclusion. If anything, time, events and others’ experience has validated my conclusion.

Look around and make up your own mind about it. Don’t trust my conclusion, look for yourself.

The current campaign around the Voice is a more than adequate example of Albo saying don’t worry about the details, trust me.

I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

As a matter of fact, having some insight into the details, intent and machinations behind the Voice I would put it in the category of what most politicians do, a sleight of hand, black magic trick.

Same as the last three and a half years of propaganda.
Or, “scientific consensus”. That’s when the majority have been bought.