the Voice – Before You Vote

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Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it. – Homer. the Voice is worth understanding BEFORE harm has been done!

I recommend you play The Who’s ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again’ in the background while reading this:

You may recall the last time a large media campaign was run in this country. The one to get us all on board with the Covid agenda the government was running.

What you may not know was that every single thing the government said was a lie. If you care to check it out I documented more than 40 of them here:

What makes you think that this time with the Voice will be any different? If you need more proof that the government would not like to be restricted to telling only the truth, look no further than the proposed misinformation bill currently available for comment. Penalties are proposed for saying or writing anything that contradicts the official story. The two parties excluded from complying? The government and the media! The most blatant hypocrisy I have ever seen.

Disinformation Bill 2023

Rod Cullerton exposes the Voice to be illegal:

The Voice: Five More Problems by John Anderson

Rita Panahi exposes the link between Albanese’s #VoiceToParliament and a race-based Treaty!

Admitted to here: ideo/0cfce189a09a088b893ccfde578661b4

We Already Have An Indigenous Body That Fulfills The Stated Aims Of “the Voice”, It’s called the Coalition of Peaks:

Albo admits to not even having read the 26 page Uluru Statement yet calls Dutton a liar for saying what is in it:

Albo refuses to provide detail of how the Voice will work because he does not was a repeat of the failed 1999 referendum. In other words if we knew the details of what he proposes there is no way we would vote yes. Makes sense to keep it secret! He’s not just selling us a pig in a poke! He’s telling us what is in the bag is not a pig!

No To the Voice

I stand with those Aboriginals and other Australians who accurately recognise the duplicity involved and do not wish to be a party to this racial divisiveness let alone what skulduggery he is not admitting to. 

Tom Grimshaw