Reserve YOUR Spot in the 2023 Superfood Garden Summit

Superfood Garden Summit
There’s a common activity among cultures where people routinely live past 100.
Research shows almost ALL of them grow vegetables!
And it makes sense. Because more and more studies are showing that gardening can reduce stress, anger, fatigue, depression, and anxiety…all of which can help increase both life span and health span.
Not to mention that you can grow the healthiest, freshest, most nutrient-packed, and most delicious superfoods on the planet!
That’s why my good friend and gardening expert, Stacey Murphy, is teaming up with 15 visionary gardeners and superfood experts (including yours truly!) for the Superfood Garden Summit.
So you can learn to grow fresh, organic food right at home and enjoy a higher quality of life… Imagine all that nutrient-rich, supercharged food, flavor, and FUN!
The Superfood Garden Summit is the gardening event of the summer. And it’s totally free!