Extreme Earth Axis Tilt and Wobble

Jewel Cross, [23/11/2022 7:36 PM]
November 21, 2022. Update: Extreme Earth Axis Tilt and Wobble
⚠️ Since October 17, 2022!

Earth’s return tilt in rotation is slowing down dramatically. This is extreme magnetic drag from the binary sun. Every 7 days since October 17 Earth’s return tilt in rotation has shortened and shortened. This directly correlates with the sudden and dramatic uptick in powerful Earthquakes over the magnitude of 6.0 since November 9, 2022.

Earth’s path of 2021 is in brown.
Earth’s path of 2022 is in yellow.

The axis dots on the graph form a circle and show the years axis tilt variation. This chart shows the wobble, tilt and drift from Earth’s normal axis point from 2013 to today.

Over the year the North Pole forms a circle when viewed from above the ecliptic. This graph shows Earth’s wobble as seen from above. (See charts and graphs in comment section.)

Also this year we see Earth is making an extremely wide turn in its radius and is at its furthest distance EVER from its normal position from 2013, (its Zero Axis point of 2013).

This wobble, tilt and drift is directly connected to Earth’s ongoing magnetic pole reversal, pole shift, failing magnetic field, magnetosphere disturbances, atmospheric compression, jet stream collapse and weather extremes.

Sudden and dramatic uptick in powerful Earthquakes over the magnitude of 6.0 since November 9, 2022. Link:

Over the last 3 days, there have been (5) five 6.0 + magnitude earthquakes, a 363% increase above normal. The have been (20) twenty 5.0+ magnitude earthquakes, a 42% increase above normal.

Earth Axis Tilt Chart:

Data plotted on the graph is from the Paris Observatory IERS Centers.

The little black arrows indicate the position of where the x, y pole positions were the years prior on June 22. That’s the last day this chart was updated by the previous researcher.

Note: “The reason the arrows are on the graph is so we can see the difference in wobble from year to year (the distance to no wobble in the center).

As well as whether the timing on that same day each year forms a straight line to the center (rising and setting at the same place each year) or if the timing of them is ahead or behind each other (rising and setting in a different place each year).

The center that says zero axis wobble does not mean no tilt. The axis itself is tilted and produces the seasons, so even with no wobble we still have seasons. The drift really is the slight variations in the axis which is already tilted and wobbling.”



Unreal video of upward lightning captured in Kansas by Taylor Vonfeldt aka @therealskicast on a Instagram.