What we Know and Knew

Vax doesn’t stop transmission we knew this from (Kassam v Hazard) 2021. Again recently in European Parliament sitting with Pfizer conceding same point 2022. Despite politicians and others claiming it would protect (all on public record) and they still locked people down, police shot people and arrested them.

State run experts and media said get vaxed to protect grandma and grandpa. (We know this is and this was a Myth that was supported by institutions that should have put human life before conjecture)

Here is the risk stratification for the non believers. We said similar in Kassam v Hazard in the sense that our evidence which most Australians have “NOT” seen but potentially misunderstood in the judgement because no one called our experts for cross examination to explain what was really happening.

If anyone would like to read that evidence and compare to what you are all seeing now, you will see how right we were. Global experts with many years of experience and treatment records, were overlooked, for a “State run” expert who never treated a COVID patient.

We were right on the science and we will be right in the upcoming cases, as they start to roll out!

The question is, how much longer can the institutions once respected can last before they realise, not only their duty, but how they will be perceived in the future?

Confidence comes from the integrity of a system, right now that is eroding in many areas!