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Most people don’t like failing more than they do like succeeding.
Any time you do something new you are likely to fail at it.
Competence, or success, at something requires being prepared to do the thing repeatedly and fail at it often, each time changing what you observe did not work, until such time as you learn the skills required to attain mastery of it.
Success only comes about by persisting through failures.
Fear of failure is the death of success.
By holding on to a fear of failure you are aborting success before it is born.
Destroy your fear of failure for the murderer it is.
Embrace failure as a necessary learning process to accomplish success.
There is also the fact that it is a numbers game. Not everyone is a willing receipt point for whatever your message you are trying to communicate.
Give you an example. I fail far, far, far more often than I succeed in my purpose of helping others live a healthier life. Far more people say “No.” than “Yes” when I offer them my accumulated research notes on how to live the healthiest life.
What keeps me going is the wins I have when somebody reads my book and gets mileage from it. Yesterday I had feedback from three such people. Here’s the SMS I received from one of them.
“Tom I just wanted to let you know I have been reading your book almost every day and the wealth of information you have collected is astounding. I just wanted to say thanks thanks thanks so much for putting something like this together. I have already decided that I am going to read it again once I’m finished because there is so much to take in. Job well done Tom, your family must be very proud.”
One definition of success is preparedness to fail at something until you learn what it takes to be successful at it. This is why Steve Jobs recommended you pick a career with passion. Your passion is what will help you over the failures.
What was it they said about Edison? He failed 10,000 time to invent the electric light. He had a different viewpoint. He said he found 10,000 ways it did not work.
My recommendation to you is to apply this to your life. Pick one thing at which you would really like to be more competent and start acquiring the necessary skills. Focus your mind on being perfect at it.
It may take getting some help from someone already good at it who can critique your actions from an exterior viewpoint. But be sure to pick a coach who has done what you are trying to do. All too often people become prey to the naysayers who have never done it.
If you don’t know where your passion lies, give me a call. I may be able to help.
If you’d like to learn a bunch of ways to live a healthier life, read my book.

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