You Are Somebody!

I Am Somebody
I Am Somebody

So are you!
You are somebody!
Somebody to be reckoned with.
You have purpose, intelligence, drive, passion
Even if you are not yet manifesting your full abilities, you have them..
NOW is the time to recognise, harness and maximize your talents for the greater good.
The world desperately needs more good people doing more good works right now.
If you don’t know your calling, take some time out and identify it.
If you can’t identify your basic purpose in life, contact me. I can help.
If you already know your calling, ask yourself the following questions:
What could I do to double or quadruple my present level of production?
How could I get my message to 5 times the present number of people who receive it?
How could I attain my 5 year target in one year?

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