Scientists Seek EPA Action on Monsanto Crop Failure

Twenty-two leading scientists, experts in pest resistance, have written an urgent letter to the EPA asking the agency to warn farmers about the hazards of Monsanto’s genetically engineered Bt corn, planted on millions of acres across the U.S. and Canada.
The corn has been gene-spliced with bacterial DNA that produces Bt insecticide in every cell of the plant. Monsanto’s misleading promise was that farmers could plant Bt crops and not have to spray pesticides, but predictably, corn rootworms have begun to develop resistance. Scientists warn of massive yield loss and surging corn costs if the EPA doesn’t act quickly to drastically reduce Bt crops’ acreage and force Monsanto to make non-GMO varieties of its high-yielding hybrid corn available to farmers.
Now’s our chance to ask the EPA to ban Bt crops! Let’s urge the EPA to look at the danger to human health, as well as farming. Monsanto’s insecticide-producing bacterial DNA survives digestion and is now found in the blood of more than 80% of North American women – and their fetuses! Scientists say the exposure comes from a typical (non-organic) diet, primarily through the consumption of animals fed GMO crops. The chronic health impacts of exposure to GMO Bt genes is unknown, but Monsanto’s own study of rats fed Bt crops showed liver and kidney damage.

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