“The Science Is Settled”

Science is rarely “settled”. Dogma is. Propaganda is. True science, not the bought and paid for pseudoscience that comprises at least half the published studies, according to those who know, is constantly evolving.

Before you accept the propaganda lie that “the science is settled”, do a quick look back at the science from past centuries. The washing of hands by surgeons was vigorously opposed when promoted as a good thing and did not gain acceptance till the late 1800s, Blood letting via leeches was practiced for 2,000 years until the end of the 19th century, despite, according to Wikipedia, “In the overwhelming majority of cases, the historical use of bloodletting was harmful to patients.”

Just as we look back with horror on what was medically accepted only 125 years ago, future generations will look back on many of today’s common medical practices with disdain or disgust.

This is one reason I am so willing to entertain the ideas of those questioning medical orthodoxy. It is only by individuals with above average observational capacity observing where current practice does not yield the optimal result, documenting and communicating it do we have the opportunity to review and improve.

If the medical industry persisted with something as harmful as blood letting for 2,000 years, wonder not that observed truth takes some times to penetrate the establishment. Be vigilant against those who tell you not to look or question. After all, the truth does not mind being questioned, the lie hates being challenged.