Teeth and gum repair and saliva boosting formula

Just watched a video ad that explains the ingredients in a teeth and gum formula.

ER (Emergency Room) 4
Potassium (to help blood clotting and prevent tooth demineralisation)
Collagen (to help gum repair to cover exposed roots)
Vitamin A (stimulates saliva for faster cleansing and healing)
Vitamin C (strengthen the gums and soft tissue in the mouth)

Detoxify – Tribal 5
Neem (antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory, deodorant and toothache remedy)
Sage (lowers bacteria that causes dental plaque)
Licorice (exterminates major bacteria responsible for tooth decay)
Elderberry (antimicrobial and antiviral)
Cinnamon (attacks the bacteria that causes bad breath and antibiotic bacteria and fungi)

Reconstruct – The 4 Architects
Calcium (helps teeth rebuild)
Phosphorus (to aid calcium getting to the teeth)
Vitamin D3 (to aid calcium getting to the teeth)
Vitamin K2 (to aid calcium getting to the teeth, removes plaque nad prevents reforming)

Absolute Defence Trio
MSM (aids in producing long-lasting connective tissue)
Xylitol (prevents tooth decay and infection and kills Streptococcous)
Peppermint (cleans plaque, cools mouth and whitens teeth)

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