Stay Calm!

Further to the post I made earlier, I saw this and it is concerning. Please do not get drawn into an incited and fomented violence. It never benefits the man in the street and always results in greater tyranny!
(From Advocate me)
Dirty games are being played. In fact, the dirtiest. The Australian and State Governments are in cahoots with some of the most nastiest organisations globally. It is Operation Incitement- meaning they will incite the population into a revolution with a view of opening up this Country to a military take-over and it will start with Victoria. The CCP in cahoots with World Economic Forum will disperse onto our population some of the nastiest people in the world. Please be prepared. Stand your ground. I did not want to say this but this is coming and no one is safe. The bastards that control this Country have sold us out but these bastards will be sold off too by the powers that be. The judges, the bureaucrats, the corporate sharks, the captains of industry none of you are safe too you absolute sell outs! Everything you have built is under attack!