A cyber attack with COVID like characteristics.

Cyber-Attack The Time Is Now

Over the years I have heard a couple of times that one of the code rules by which the power elite play their destructive game is that they must advertise in advance their nefarious plans. (That way you can’t say you weren’t warned.)

If you go back in time you can see multiple instances of this, the Bart Simpson episode where the vaccinating doctor chases him to inject him against his will, or the other one that shows the twin towers on fire, the Plandemic 201 virus preparation event staged in late 2019, Dr Fauci predicting in a speech that the US administration would soon face an unpredicted pandemic, (oh the irony!) the list is long.

So When the World Economic Forum (headed by the same Klaus Schwab who heads the IMF) has a presentation telling us that there will by a cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics, I am inclined to pass that on and tell you to have some food in the cupboard and some cash in hand so you can sustain yourself without access to internet banking, an ATM or even your local supermarket! Oh, I forgot, and some toilet paper! LOL!

Here is a link to their presentation. And if you are on TikTok, search using the title of this article to find a guy expounding on this topic.